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Haggerstone Island

Pristine, peaceful and incredibly beautiful, Haggerstone Island is the jewel in the crown of Tropical North Queensland.
Situated 600km from Cairns, the 42-hectare island is accessible only by chartered aircraft and a boat ride, or by seaplane. It enjoys lush jungle, white-sand beaches and blue lagoons; bird life is prolific and the fishing – by rod, reel or fly – is amazing.

Your hosts at Haggerstone Island are Roy and Anna Turner who arrived at the uninhabited island in 1985 on a 70-tonne barge loaded with poles, timber, fruit trees, chickens and an old tractor. Little did they realise it would be eight years before they would be ready to share their paradise with some very special guests…
The buildings at Haggerstone Island have been constructed in Thai-style from soft-edged wood, with open sides, wide verandahs and shuttered windows, enjoying cooling breezes and uninterrupted views.
Six hand-crafted, free-form escapes have been sensitively located in the jungle, each offering a different style and structure, plus privacy and sensational views. The main building captures the imagination with heavy beams, high thatched roof and light flickering from the open cooking fire. At the ocean, a thatched jetty hovers over a lagoon that teems with fish life.
A full menu of activities is available, including marine and fishing adventures aboard the new 40-footer, Jo Jo III.

[An] ultimate getaway in Australia’s North Great Barrier Reef. – Daily Telegraph (UK)

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier, the world’s largest reef system comprising nearly 3,000 individual reefs and 900 islands – it is also the planet’s biggest single living structure, formed by billions of tiny organisms known as coral polyps. It stretches for over 2,600km, covering approximately 350,000 square kilometres.
A large part of the reef is protected by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, which helps to limit the impact of human use.

Nearest major City/Town
City – Cairns

Air Access
Haggerstone Island is located 660km from Cairns; it is accessible only by small chartered aircraft (six-seater, twin engine) chartered to neighbouring Hicks Island and then a 20-minute boat ride. Total journey time takes approximately 2.5 hours.

Fishing, snorkelling, boat excursions, all meals and non-alcoholic beverages are included in your tariff.
Fishing is bountiful because of the islands’ isolation from other habitation, and makes a great place to try salt-water fly-fishing and spear-fishing. A full-time fishing guide is on hand for amateurs and professionals alike.
There’s great skin diving and snorkelling at Haggerstone Island, courtesy two clear water lagoons just off Haggerstone’s beach with beautiful coral gardens right on your doorstep.
Haggerstone Island harbour has a dense and varied bird population for you to meet: sunbirds, honeyeaters, coloured pigeons, eagles, kingfishers, finches, jungle fowls, pittas and many others have made it their home.

House Mawu

The brand new House Mawu is a three-bedroom, fully self-contained home. House Mawu was designed exclusively by Roy and is, without a doubt, his best yet. The house is located on the hillside overlooking the big lagoon. With its open plan, thatched roofs and starlit bathrooms, it is the ultimate designer’s dream of island seclusion.

The Lagoon Hut

Situated on the big lagoon, the Lagoon Hut comfortably sleeps two adults or a family of four. This hut is a timber roundhouse and features an expansive deck with dramatic views overlooking the big lagoon.

The Kwila Hut

Set under the canopy of Coral trees with decks looking toward the reef, this hut comfortably sleeps two adults or a family of four. Handcrafted from New Guinea Kwila timber, the round house contains an interesting collection of New Guinea artefacts.

The Beach Hut

The most secluded and rustic hut is constructed largely of driftwood with large shutters which can be opened out to embrace the wilderness. It’s set directly on the beach and sleeps two adults or a family of three. A separate, completely private shower and toilet are located under the coconut palms.

Tree House

Separate sleeping quarters, separate bath-house, the main building has cooking facility 12/240v power.

Dining Options

Packages include all meals and non-alcoholic beverages. Cooking is done on an open fireplace, using freshly-caught fish, vegetables and fruit from the garden, island-reared chickens and coconuts from an old plantation.
Cooking is in the French-provincial style, with Anna creating meals of sublime freshness and taste. Served on the sand cay at the end of Haggerstone Island, the ‘dining room’ provides a 360-degree ocean view and the restaurant closes with the rising of the tide.

Hagerstone Island is open all year except February. The best time to travel in the region is from April to November. December to March is the wet season, when you are likely to experience high humidity and rain, particularly in the months of February and March.

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