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Have you ever witnessed the Red Crab Migration on Christmas Island?

BLOG | Noted as one of the world’s Top 10 most remarkable natural phenomena by Sir David Attenborough, the annual Red Crab Migration on Christmas Island completely transforms the day-to-day operations of this humble island.
Hundreds of red crabs on the white sand shore and beach cliffs of Christmas Island

Red crabs are endemic to Christmas Island, a tiny island hidden in the vast Indian Ocean. More than 120 million red crabs can be found along the rainforest floor, in dirt burrows, or in hidden crevices throughout the year, perfectly adapted to their surrounds and slower-paced lifestyle of the island itself.

Normally staying in their shady dwellings for most of the year, as the annual wet season approaches around November, the crabs migrate back to the shore to mate and release eggs under the moonlight. Once hatched and having survived both threats of harsh ocean currents and marine predators, millions of crabs return to the rainforest, battling predators such as yellow crazy ants along the way. During this time for up to six weeks, the streets of the island shut down to allow the crabs safe passage, and the landscapes become carpeted by these colourful crustaceans.

With The Tailor’s emphasis on off-the-beaten-path and five-star Australian travel, we work with remote luxury eco-accommodations such as Swell Lodge and can create an itinerary to witness this natural wonder. As the only accommodation located inside the Christmas Island National Park, staying at this eco-chalet is one of the best spots on the island to experience the migration, and provides a litany of other immersive natural activities in luxurious exclusivity. Walk along jungle tracks carpeted in a sea of red crabs on a once-in-a-lifetime experience, snorkel waters teeming with marine life, and enjoy elevated encounters organised by our talented Travel Designers including bespoke diving journeys, fishing charters, and more.

Christmas Island is a remote and beautiful and unique location, and its annual Red Crab Migration is a memorable time to delve into secluded luxury and discover nature at its most phenomenal. Contact our talented Travel Designers today to discover an island living in harmony with its most unique natural events.

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Call an Australian luxury travel designer at The Tailor on: +61 (0)8 8354 4405

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