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Australian Hand-Crafted Journeys

Australian Hand-Crafted Journeys

Innovative Itineraries Series

We take you beyond the average tourist experience

Our innovative itineraries are lovingly researched, designed, and hand-threaded by our Travel Designers

The Tailor’s work is accomplished through the creativity, resourcefulness, knowledge, and amicability of our incredible Travel Designers.

The glue that holds our company together, their role is beyond simply booking tickets, flights, or rooms. They play the many roles of psychologist, life coach, executive producer, concierge, fixer, translator, and dream weaver for our clients, elevating every journey, destination, and experience to The Tailor standard.

To celebrate their work, we’re introducing our Innovative Itineraries Series. Fuelled by their creativity, this ongoing series will showcase just the beginning of what our team does, and where pure imagination and a single idea can lead.

Learn about the unforgettable journeys The Tailor team weave, and the individuals who stitch them together.

Introducing our Innovative Itineraries Series

This customised tour was created by one of our Senior Travel Designers, Cate Harley, for clients requesting an immersive South Australian journey. Stitched together via private air travel, this voyage was fashioned for travellers wishing to venture off South Australia’s beaten track, engage more deeply with locals, venture to more remote landscapes, and engage with Indigenous culture.

This customised journey was created by one of our Travel Designers, Georgia Bedding, for a multi-generational family seeking an escape with an adventurous outdoor flair.

This customised journey was created by one of our Senior Travel Designers, Caroline Densley, for a couple and their adult son seeking a private access Top End itinerary, weaving authentic Aboriginal cultural engagement with a level of luxury threaded throughout.

This customised journey was created by one of our Travel Designers, Angelica Aidone, for two Australian friends seeking an active, action-packed itinerary around Australia’s island state lutruwita / Tasmania, beginning and ending in the capital city Hobart. Angelica’s love for Tasmania is threaded throughout this itinerary with her comprehensive knowledge of the region’s icons and hidden gems.

This itinerary was customised for a multi-generational family by one of our Senior Travel Designers Amanda Fisher. Combining aquatic adventure activities and engaging educational opportunities with support from highly qualified guides, this exploratory journey is facilitated by the use of the premium 115ft super yacht ‘M/Y Paradise’ and its dedicated crew as accommodation, with exceptional food and wine present throughout to fuel days of adventure.

This itinerary was created by one of our Senior Travel Designers, Kylie Damen for a young family seeking an action-packed, wildlife-filled adventure at the major destinations along the East Coast: Melbourne, the Daintree Rainforest, and Sydney. Kylie’s zest for immersive, experiential travel comes to life throughout this journey, facilitated through her use of hand-picked quality guides in each destination.

This customised journey was created by one of our Senior Travel Designers, Janelle Leske for an extended family looking for a one-of-a-kind adventure exploring Australia’s most remote regions. Spanning across a full month of travel, this expedition bypasses major cities and prioritises sharing experiences with family above all else—discovering local cultures, landscapes, wildlife, and meeting the charismatic local characters who openly share their home with others.  

This itinerary was created by Travel Designers Nick and Teri Talbot-Price. Embark on a distinctly Australian adventure by contrasting leisurely-paced overland travel with whirlwind safari adventures led and hosted by passionate local characters.

This itinerary was created by Senior Travel Designer, Cate Harley. Step out of your comfort zone under the tutelage of a two-time Guinness World Record holder for an unforgettable adventure deep in World Heritage-listed wilderness.

This customised journey was created by Senior Travel Designer Angelica Aidone for three well-travelled couples looking to discover the stories and histories of Australia’s most remote regions, with each destination offering a profound diversity of experiences and interests.

This customised journey was created by Travel Designer Georgia Bedding for a couple celebrating a milestone anniversary with a first-time trip to Australia. These travellers requested the Best of the Best, exploring the country’s icons and developing a genuine feel for place, while avoiding traditionally popular destinations and experiences.

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Australian Hand-Crafted Journeys

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