Experience 1:

Australian Coastal Safaris

Soaring over lush peninsulas and inlet waters en route from Adelaide, you’ll touchdown in Australia’s Adventure Capital, Port Lincoln, perched upon the coast between the mingled waters of Spencer Gulf and the Great Australian Bight. With pick-up on arrival by your local hosts from Australian Coastal Safaris, you’ll dive head-first into your Eyre Peninsula expedition with warm and inviting enthusiasm.

Comfortably located within the Marina precinct, you’ll relax in your waterfront oasis over the next three nights. Clean, contemporary styling with a spacious open-living area that flows out onto the entertaining terrace and waterfront, this comfortable accommodation will recharge your spirit while you’re in between adventures. 

The perpetual currents of the Bight make the Eyre Peninsula a seafood hub with immerse diversity. Traverse the seas on a private fishing charter to hunt the ocean’s bounty of Australian salmon, kingfish, Southern bluefin tuna, giant trevally, King George whiting, and many more, and enjoy tasting platters created by acclaimed local chefs. Venture through national parks in Coffin Bay and Port Lincoln to scenic lookouts, and explore the Wanna sand dunes via 4WD. Nature-lovers may have the opportunity to get up close and personal to iconic wildlife, from koalas, kangaroos and emus at Mikkira Station, to swimming with Australian sea lions, to cage-diving with intimidating and remarkable Great White Sharks. There will be something to satisfy your adventurer’s spirit along the coast.

Throughout your time, enjoy languid beach fishing and coastal hikes on the Western Coast while progressing North to your next destination, as green coastline gives way to ochre-brushed bushland.

Experience 1: Australian Coastal Safaris has accommodation for three nights at the Marina Waterfront Oasis, Port Lincoln.

Experience 2:

Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safari

Amongst spectacular granite peaks and sprawling Mallee bush, an eco-friendly bush camp is built into the landscape. Over 600km from Adelaide City, this impressive site is cradled by quintessential bushland and blanketed by stunning views of the Milky Way.

Hosted by Geoff and Rene from Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris, you’ll relax at their comfortable and eco-sustainable Kangaluna Camp. Built and designed from a lifetime of experience living in harmony with the semi-arid land, animals will meander on their original tracks through the campsite, and over a hundred species of birds will visit to warble in the trees as you enjoy homecooked meals and drinks made by your hosts.

Just as the camp itself slots into the landscape, your time spent here will envelop you into the remote wilderness. Embark on hikes through rugged terrain, go wildlife spotting, and visit the iconic landmarks. Venture to the Organ Pipes and Kolay Mirica Falls to see ancient, volcanic basalt formations that glow in the evening sunlight, and tread upon the crystalline white salt pan of Lake Gairdner which contrasts against the striking red sands and foothills of the surrounding landscape. Along the way, soak up the scenery of this remarkable national park: marvel at animal tracks pressed into dirt, flowers blooming upon the edge of the lake, fascinating vegetation, and plentiful bird life.

Untouched and marvellously rugged, your time at Kangaluna delivers outback at its finest—where unbothered wildlife conduct their daily business, contrasting landscapes meet, and modern anxieties melt away into the unhurried pace of the outback.

Experience 2: Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safari has accommodation for two nights at Kangaluna Camp, Gawler Ranges.

Experience 3:

Fowlers Bay Whale Watching

Gentle morning light will escort you from Kangaluna Camp to a remote south-west airstrip. One final adventure before departure, you’ll take a private jet charter to one of the furthest towns upon the western coast to see one of the Eyre Peninsula’s most spectacular natural displays. 

Soaring across red earth, upon touchdown you’ll be driven to Fowlers Bay, a tiny locale found where sea-carved cliff-face and the striking arid expanse of the Nullarbor Plain meet. Once a thriving seaport and gateway to the West, this secluded town has become a popular spot for keen anglers seeking mulloway, whiting, garfish, Australian herring, and giant trevally in the Great Australian Bight’s pristine waters. A remarkable home to aquatic life, between May to October, the sheltered warm waters of the bay become the home to over one hundred breeding Southern right whales and plentiful humpback whales, accompanied by a chorus of bottlenose dolphins, Australian sealions, white-bellied sea eagles, and many other species.

Embark your private access vessel ‘Asherah’, and venture close to these enormous and gentle creatures with your local hosts. Built over years of familiarity across annual migrations, these gentle giants are acquainted with your hosts and comfortable enough to potentially get close and personal to your vessel. Through a hydrophone submerged into the waters, you’ll bear witness to elusive and beautiful whale song.

Back on land, you’ll enjoy a quintessential marina lunch on the foreshore while watching these giants frolic at the waters’ edge of this picturesque coastal town before returning by private charter back to Adelaide.

Experience 3: Fowlers Bay Whale Watching has a transfer back to Adelaide to conclude your trip.