Few meals are fresher than ones plucked straight from the sea and put straight onto a beach campfire.

Australia is an island continent surrounded by thousands of kilometres of coastline teeming with aquatic life. With so many unique eco-systems and species to discover, a ‘Hunt & Gather’ experience is a distinctly hands-on and memorable way to discover Australia’s natural beauty and exceptional dining in one exciting adventure.

A ‘Hunt and Gather’ experience can be approached in many different ways—whether taking tips from traditional Aboriginal hunting techniques used for thousands of years, or using today’s most cutting-edge and innovative technologies. In the northern tropics, adventurous anglers can throw a spear or toss a net along estuaries and mangroves to catch delicious mud crabs. Down south, you can twist your feet into beach sands and shallow waters to find cockles (regionally known as pippies or clams) and fry them up with butter and garlic, or toss a line off the beach to fight Southern bluefin tuna or Australian salmon. Off the shore of remote Tasmania, sail to a privately-owned island to fish for flathead and flip abalone off the rocks—and then enjoy the resulting cook-up with local wines and cheeses. 

Hunting and gathering can be done in most states and territories of Australia, but requires permits, careful planning, and expert knowledge to be done successfully. The Tailor’s network of relationships means we can connect you to the finest guides and adventurers in each region and ensure you’re hunting sustainably, are more likely to land a catch, and can elevate your cookout with premium wines, beers, and added nibbles!

If you’re interested in personalising your very own Hunt and Gather Australian adventure, contact our talented Travel Designer team to make your dreams a reality.