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Australian Hand-Crafted Journeys

Australian Hand-Crafted Journeys

Have you ever gone swimming with whales, the gentle giants of the ocean?

BLOG | Swimming with whales in the open ocean alongside other vibrant marine life is a humbling and memorable encounter with nature.
Snorkeller swimming alongside a whale shark and a chorus of fish at Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

Whales are frequently spotted migrating up and down the coastlines of Australia, raising calves and taking shelter in warm bays. These slow-moving gentle giants are often protected species, and seeing them in their natural habitat is an eco-friendly bucket-list experience for many travellers.

While you can often spot whales from the comfort of a tour vessel, one of the most memorable experiences is getting into the water and swimming alongside them, which is only done in intimate groups and in open ocean.

Only a few exclusive guests each year follow the motions of curious and elusive Dwarf minke whales on the Great Barrier Reef when they play alongside boats over a few select weeks between June to August. On Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef, guests travel specifically for the opportunity to swim with enormous and placid whale sharks between March to July, and humpback whales between August to October.

We work with esteemed operators across the country who offer eco-friendly encounters that respect the wild nature of these gentle giants, with all interactions with swimmers being conducted by the whales themselves. With each type of whale offering their own distinct migratory seasons and some being extremely elusive, our expert connections ensure you’re interacting with nature in an eco-sensitive and authentic way.

Alongside the whales themselves, enjoy the opportunity in the water to see other kinds of endemic wildlife. Depending on the region, this can range from manta rays to turtles, dolphins, dugongs, sea birds, fish, corals, and more.

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Australian Hand-Crafted Journeys

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