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Ultimate Guide to Tasmania

BLOG | Australia’s southernmost point beckons with emerald forests dotted by pristine lakes and cascading waterfalls, mountains shrouded in mist and historic villages. In our Ultimate Guide to Tasmania, delve into the unique experiences, luxury lodges and untamed wilds that define this island state
Sweeping aerial of Wineglass Bay on the Freycinet Peninsula on Tasmania’s East Coast

Captivating natural beauty, diverse cultural experiences and an enviable food and drink offering come together on this celebrated Australian island. Up the east coast, rugged cliffs give way to serene, golden beaches where refined lodges reside in tranquil splendour, while to the west, jagged peaks rise above the Southern Ocean, tempting hikers with their unspoiled panoramic views and crisp mountain air – the cleanest in the world. In ideal conditions, and at the right time of year, the southern lights ignite the sky with ethereal hues of green and pink, marking a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  

Discover the expeditions, lodges, wildlife and more that makes Tasmania an unmissable destination for your next journey to Australia.  


Boardwalk surrounded by scrub leading to the Barn Bluff on the Cradle Mountain Overland Track in Tasmania

With more than 1,200 miles (2,000 kilometres) of walking tracks and 18 national parks, Tasmania’s collection of eucalyptus forests, wild headlands, lagoons and shrubland acts as the picturesque backdrop for a variety of expeditions exploring its diverse landscape. Coast from the busy waters of Hobart Harbour to the graceful curves of Wineglass Bay aboard a custom-built vessel primed for exploration, or soar through crisp skies and between mountain peaks, over sparkling lakes and past dramatic cliff faces better suited to the Jurassic on a private flight. Whether you wish to see Tasmania’s splendour on foot, by boat or aboard a private aircraft, delve into The Tailor’s picks of the best way to enjoy this spectacular region.  

Cradle Mountain Walk

One of the Great Walks of Australia and a Tasmanian staple, the Cradle Mountain Walk is a seven-day odyssey from the World Heritage-listed Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair. Venture through ancient temperate rainforests, glacially-carved lakes, rolling valleys, grassy plains, mountainous terrain, abandoned mines and past ice-flowing waterfalls. Hike to Tasmania’s highest point and breathe air that will cleanse your mind, body and soul. Staying in rustic huts along the way, this journey offers an uncut version of the island’s diverse landscape and is a must for avid hikers and nature lovers.  

On Board

A family-owned business run by owner, skipper, and ex-abalone diver Pieter van de Woude since 1998, On Board was built with a deep love and knowledge of Tasmania’s rugged coastal wilderness. Offering journeys to parts of Tasmania’s west rarely seen by visitors and locals alike, you can fall asleep to the sound of waves lapping gently against the hull and wake up to the thundering of a nearby waterfall hissing across the deck. On Board’s personal insights on the land – shared and showcased through shore expeditions on foot to notable locations – combined with the exclusive access they have to lesser-known locations on the water due to their purpose-built vessel, is unlike any other you’ll find in Tasmania. Those travelling to the luxury lodge Saffire whilst visiting can also secure a private charter past Maria Island as part of their larger journey, taking part in the famed Maria Island Walk to traverse from the wilds to white-sand beaches in one of the great walks of Australia.   

Par Avion

Tasmania’s west is a region of World Heritage-listed wilderness: cool-temperate rainforest, alpine plains, mountains and glacial valleys, wild rivers, deep lakes and windswept coasts. Board Par Avion and explore the west from the air; soar between the ochre granite mountain peaks of Freycinet National Park, over the iconic Wineglass Bay and through to Maria Island. Home to rare and endangered species such as the Tasmanian devil, you can land and walk through the island’s abundant bushland on your way to a sumptuous gourmet lunch of local Tasmanian seafood and wine. On this experience, capture views few have seen before and discover how Tasmania’s splendour is just as breathtaking from the air.  


Saffire Freycinet Tasmania - Oyster Shucking

Providing the ideal respite after a day hiking waterfalls and coasting sapphire waters, return to an elegant sanctuary providing the best in Australian hospitality. Acting as the perfect juxtaposition to the more rugged and uncut adventures, Tasmania’s luxury lodges shelter sumptuous comfort in the state’s most scenic locations.  


Half-hidden in the landscape, perched on the inside of a gentle curve of sandy coastline in the Freycinet Peninsula, Saffire stands to capture the essence of this postcard-perfect region. The undulating, stingray-inspired roof of the main building glints in the sunshine, while the 20 individual suites are dotted among the greenery, artfully arranged to look like boats rimming the shoreline. The pink granite of the overlooking Hazards Mountains splashes shades of salmon through its design, while the sapphire-blue waters and grey-green of the native bushland reflect off panoramic, south-easterly facing windows perfect for capturing the vivid colours of sunrise over the mountains.  

There is one main restaurant, Palate, in the central building, where every table is arranged along the window for 180-degree views of Oyster Bay. Proclaimed as quite possibly the most exclusive restaurant in Tasmania, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and a tasting menu supper that highlights the very best of fine food and wine produced on Saffire’s doorstep. The daily-changing menu is supported by an on-site garden growing tomatoes, rhubarb and pumpkin, as well as several apiaries dedicated to stocking the kitchen with fresh, local honey.  

Get outside the lodge and immerse yourself in Tasmania’s charms on one of Saffire’s signature experiences. Pull on a pair of waders, walk out into the ocean and shuck oysters straight from the water at the Freycinet Marine Farm, or participate in a quest to save the Tasmanian devil from extinction by visiting a free-range devil enclosure and actively contribute to the survival of this iconic species. 

The Saffire experience is a celebration of internal and external wellbeing, local culinary delights, ancient landscapes and abundant wildlife underscored by exceptional service.  

Nature + Wildlife


Separated from the mainland for thousands of years, Tasmania is an island ark of plants and wildlife found nowhere else on earth. With mammals like the eastern quoll, Tasmanian devil and red-bellied pademelon roaming its wilds, you can immerse yourself in the region and its locals with close encounters against everything from pocket-sized predators to ancient forest giants alongside some of the best guides in the country.  

Pepperbush Tours

Journey into the wilderness of the Tasmanian bush to catch a glimpse of the elusive eastern quoll with our local touring partner, Pepperbush. This carnivorous marsupial may not be as famous as its island home’s namesake, but its nocturnal adventures and unique characteristics make encountering it a rare and unforgettable experience. Enjoy the ambience of a superb campfire dinner as the surrounding forest comes alive with the nightly escapades of forester kangaroos, brush-tail possums, wombats and Bennett’s wallaby as they graze close by. Following dinner, embark on a nocturnal walk that takes you into the heart of the island’s untamed bushland to discover the antics of the eastern quoll in its natural habitat.    


Macq01 Adam Gibson

The quirky harbourside city of Hobart, framed by the rugged figure of Mount Wellington and the flow of the wide River Derwent, has been pressed into shape by nature. Beyond the mountain and river, the second-oldest city in Australia beckons with thriving cultural and dining experiences. With attractions such as the Salamanca Market maintaining a 50-year-old tradition, while the unconventional Museum of Old and New Art continues to start new ones, there is much to love and enjoy about this dynamic city.  


An artistic collision of old and new art committed to the pursuit of sourcing some of the strangest pieces around the world, MONA off the coast of Berriedale Bay draws more than a million visitors every year. With a reputation for breaking the mould of artistic normalcy (if such a thing exists), the museum holds a central role in many visitors’ itineraries. Whether it is the exclusive Ladie’s Lounge housing priceless Picasos, the infamous wall of a particular part of the female anatomy, or Alfredo Jaar’s immersive representation of Dante’s The Divine Comedy, MONA provides something to pique everyone’s interest. For those seeking a little more, you can gain an exclusive insight to the museum with a guest attaché acting as your personal guide, indulge in a long lunch at the light-drenched Faro Bar and Restaurant, or sip on cool-climate wines at the on-site winery and Vineyard, Moorilla.   

MACq 01

A unique hotel telling the story of Hobart and Tasmania through thoughtful, innovative room design overlooking the historic Macquarie Wharf. With prime position for mellowing in the sunset as it cascades over the glowing Mount Wellington, MACq 01 provides the perfect waterfront sanctuary for exploring the city and surrounding regions. During the day, history buffs will enjoy the storytellers walk – a guided stroll through the patchwork of stories and artefacts that punctuate the hotel’s hallways, and around the majestic Hobart waterfront to discover the dark underbelly of the Wapping district. Gin enthusiasts can opt for a gin masterclass at a nearby brewery, while nature afficionados can indulge in an electric mountain bike exploration of the sprawling Bangor Vineyard. 

At night, explore the many fine dining restaurants lining the waterfront next to the hotel or stay local to dine from one of the three restaurants within MACq 01. For a pre-dinner drink, explore their fossil-filled bar, Evolve, which houses a mini-museum of prehistoric fossils from their private collection. 

Food + Wine

The Agrarian Kitchen

Renowned for its wild abalone, crayfish and peaty whisky internationally, while locals revere its premier leatherwood honey, ffreshly caught salmon and black truffles, Tasmania’s position as a gourmet food destination on the world stage is well-deserved. With a culinary offering as divine as its natural landscape, and immersive experiences stretching from the southern part of the island through Huon Valley up the east coast, we’ve outlined some of the most iconic experiences allowing you to get a true taste of Tasmania.  

Fat Pig Farm

A 70-acre farm and paddock-to-plate experience in Huon Valley, just south of Hobart, Fat Pig Farm is home to an array of animals, insects and plants that are used to deliver fresh, clean meals to visitors. Owners Sadie Chrestman Matthey Evans – a well-known food writer and past culinary TV host, Gormet Farmer – milk their cows, harvest apples from their orchard and collect honey from their hives to use in long lunches and intimate dinners for guests to their garden. Everything you will eat has been sourced from the farm itself, and you’ll be given the opportunity to explore the grounds in between courses.  

The Agrarian Kitchen

This former-psychiatric-institution-turned-cooking-school welcomes guests from around the world to share an experience honouring authentic food with real ingredients. The Agrarian Kitchen’s motto is ‘good food is even better when shared’, celebrating this in the elegant Bronte building in New Norfolk’s Willow Court through personalised cooking schools and curated lunches. Passionate foodies and green thumbs can come together for guided tours of the Kitchen’s secret walled fruit, vegetable and flower garden and learn about gardening, composting, berry growing and greenhouse production. While those keen to get into the kitchen can also take part in an Agrarian Cooking Class; a celebration of the seasons that is at least six months in the making. The utmost care is taken in selecting seeds, planting, watering and nurturing the plants to maturity to be harvested on the day of the class. It is a beautiful hands-on experience, within a Tasmanian food staple, designed to grow your appreciation for the people that nurture and handle your food. 

Wild Kitchen

An inspiring nature chef celebrating healthy food cooked outdoors, Sarah Glover advocates for accessibility where everyone can be a cook, creating a world inspired by seasonal produce that’s foraged, hunted or sourced locally with your own hands. From heading her own kitchen amongst the skyscrapers of New York, to a quirky bakery off the beach in Bondi, Sarah found that the recipe for her own life was waiting in the bushland of Tasmania. Her off-grid workshop and catering experience, Wild Kitchen, uses wild game and foraged ingredients to cook over an open fire. This method requires more skill and is more sustainable than cooking with factory-farmed meats. Alongside Sarah, you will reignite the connection between nature, your food and your body.  

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Sweeping aerial of Wineglass Bay on the Freycinet Peninsula on Tasmania’s East Coast

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