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Unique & Immersive Cultural Experiences in Australia

BLOG | Discover a true sense of place with our selection of unique and immersive cultural experiences in Australia. These encounters and tours deliver first-hand insight into the diverse histories and lifestyles that make up the country’s cultural landscape.
Cathy Wharton of North West Safaris guiding guests through the Daintree Rainforest of Tropical North Queensland

Rather than simply sightseeing, experiencing a range of cultural activities and tours while travelling in Australia invites guests to delve deeper, develop a profound understanding of the country’s lives and landscape, and leave with lasting memories.

Our selection of leading Australian cultural experiences delivers privileged and profound insights into Australia as we understand it today. These immersive and hands-on cultural tours and activities offer a window into the Australian identity with experiences ranging from art, Aboriginal cultures, food and wine, and more.

Explore the major Cultural Attractions of Australia with VIP access

Guests being shown around the exterior of the Sydney Opera House by a guide

Certain icons and institutions like the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge are recognised as Australian icons on an international scale and are often feature on the bucket list of travellers across the globe.

Elevate your experience with these popular attractions through our VIP access. Our expert Travel Designers can coordinate private tours and connect you with the conservators, artists, experts, curators, and passionate guides. Under their guidance, tour the backstage of the Sydney Opera House, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge at sunset, or go behind the scenes of the birthplace of test cricket at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) to learn about Australia’s rich sporting history before enjoying a game with the best seats in house.

Discover enlightening insights inside outstanding museums

Person standing in front of a large Aboriginal dot painting in the South Australian Museum

Across the country, carefully curated museum exhibits enlighten guests on a broad range of topics. Over the span of a single afternoon, travellers can encounter thought-provoking interpretations, insights, and discussions into Australia’s history, landscapes, cultures, and ongoing lives with a selection of fascinating displays, artefacts, interviews, and storytelling.

Enlighten your next museum experience with guided interpretation by a leading professional in their field. Explore the world’s largest collection of ethnographic materials in Adelaide’s Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures collection under the guidance of a local Nukunu expert, or an esteemed curator. Travellers to Perth may visit the Western Australian Maritime Museum and be shown the recreation of the famous Batavia wreck from the 1600s and learn about the region’s rich maritime history pre-dating British colonisation by over two hundred years.

Get hands-on with Aboriginal arts and culture

Guests of Walkabout Cultural Adventures being shown through the Daintree Rainforest of Tropical North Queensland

Australia’s diverse Aboriginal peoples are part of the oldest living cultures in the world. Over 60,000 years of living history offers a broad intersection of art, cuisine, history, and relationships to the landscape. Touring with a Traditional Custodian of their lands provides unique perspectives and intimate connection to lands that your host and their ancestors have lived in harmony with for tens of thousands of years.

Explore the rich heritage of Tropical North Queensland and be led through gorgeous, ancient landscapes while learning about medicinal plants and endemic animals along the way. Marvel at rock art that has survived thousands of years few have ever seen, and participate with local cultural activities such as basket-weaving and painting. Adventurous travellers may have a go at traditional hunting practices like spear-hunting mud crabs, while those seeking a luxurious experience can enjoy a stay in 100%-owned Jawoyn lodge accommodation near Katherine and enjoy premium dining and signature touring into Nitmiluk National Park.

Enrich your senses with art exhibitions

Mercedes vehicle parked in Hosier Lane in Melbourne, a renowned spot for street art

Art provides a window into how we understand and see the world. Australian’s diverse artistic offerings range from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, curated galleries with Australian and international masterpieces, boutique local galleries with up-and-coming artists, all the way to ephemeral graffiti and street art.  

Art lovers can see an incredible range of art in contemporary galleries and enjoy privileged access through the country’s most exciting galleries through our connections. Explore MONA with a private concierge, followed by an exclusive dining experience alongside one of the exhibits. For hands-on artists, get involved with a street art masterclass, including a visit Melbourne’s most popular graffiti sites like Hosier Lane. For those seeking an exclusive souvenir of their travels, tours to boutique galleries accompanied by a specialist art guide will often reveal marvelous creations available for purchase.

Meet the locals offering outstanding passion and insight into their craft

A hosted paddock to plate experience at Hutton Vale Farm in South Australia’s Barossa Valley sharing food and wine

The best to discover the local culture and lifestyle of a destination is by interacting with the locals themselves. Across Australia, close-knit communities, multi-generational families, and passionate guides are eager to share their passion and expertise for the regions and crafts they understand intimately with curious travellers.

We specialize in connecting guests to authentic characters by working with a hand-picked range of expert local providers. Depending on your interests, we can customise an adventure into Kangaroo Island’s community to meet award-winning assemblage artists, wildlife conservationists, artisan olive growers, and honey producers. Learn about the process directly from passionate artisans with paddock-to-plate encounters at family-run farms in the world-renowned Barossa wine country, tutored tastings with the chief winemakers of award-winning wineries, and glass-blowing demonstrations with leading studio glass figure Nick Mount.

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