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Bungie Helicopter Tours

Established in 2000, Bungie Helicopters offer scenic flights, heli fishing, air transfers and a broad range of Australian journeys exclusively to guests of The Tailor. Each journey is designed to enthral, enrich and elevate the experience of discerning travellers within the Cape York region of far north Queensland.

Cape York, located on the northernmost tip of Australia, is a rugged and remote wilderness area known for its rich Indigenous culture, diverse wildlife, and stunning natural landscapes. Bungie Helicopters have combined multi-day itineraries with bespoke accommodation in some of the remotest parts of the region, most only accessible with special permits given by the First Nation Custodians, to create once-in-a-lifetime journeys through the territory.

Flying a Robinson R44 Clipper II, Bungie Helicopters identifies as an environmentally aware business with a focus on sustainability. The Robinson R44 has a significantly lower fuel consumption and noise footprint than turbine helicopters, making it more practical and efficient for operating in environmentally sensitive World Heritage areas and urban locations.

Designed for passenger comfort and viewing pleasure, the helicopter can cruise at speeds of up to 200km/h, making it perfect for visiting multiple sites in one day or getting from point A to point B quickly.

Cape York, located on the northernmost tip of Australia, is a truly extraordinary travel destination for those seeking adventure and natural beauty. This remote peninsula is renowned for its rugged landscapes, which range from untouched rainforests and pristine beaches to rocky outcrops and red dirt tracks, making it a paradise for 4WD enthusiasts and nature lovers. Key attractions include the iconic Tip of Australia, where you can stand at the northernmost point of the Australian continent, and the historic town of Cooktown, rich in Indigenous and colonial history. The region is also home to the stunning Iron Range National Park, known for its unique wildlife and rainforest, and the picturesque Lockhart River, offering a glimpse into remote community life.

Ultimate Cape York Helifishing Wilderness Adventure

A 6-day, 5-night itinerary from Lockhart River through to the Torres Strait Islands, staying in bespoke, off-the-grid accommodation designed to promote connection to place. Explore the surrounding Great Barrier Reef, embark on fishing tours and bushwalks, or simply relax in the pristine beauty of the Cape York region.

Bungie Helicopters offer a flexible itinerary for guests of The Tailor that includes bespoke accommodation in remote parts of Cape York, as well as scenic flights and chartering between accommodations in the region and all meals during your stay.

Guests can select between a fishing-focused or scenic-centred itinerary, with journeys able to be catered to each traveller’s individual interests and applicable cultural and educational experiences.

Bungie Helicopters operate primarily from April to November, however, can offer experiences outside of this window if the weather is permitting.

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Australian Hand-Crafted Journeys

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