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Surrounded by 22 kilometres of pristine, pure white sand and sun-kissed crystal waters

Broome is one of Western Australia’s most indulgent locations

Broome is a mixing pot of contrasting colours, from ochre red cliff faces to turquoise waters and ivory beaches. In the 1880’s Broome’s pearling industry came into its own, attracting divers from all over the world, creating a diverse and vibrant multicultural community. Broome’s diverse population is the result of Japanese, Filipino and Malay pearl divers setting up in the region in search for South Sea pearls – some of the most coveted pearls in the entire world. This operation has since produced some of the world’s most exquisite pearls.

Local attractions to be found in Broome include the 22-kilometre-long, pristine Cable Beach, dinosaur footprints at Point Gantheaume, Sun Pictures (the world’s oldest outdoor movies) and Staircase to the Moon (reflections stretch out across the mudflats, creating a beautiful staircase illusion for three days after the full moon from March to October).

For travellers seeking unique and indulgent experiences, Broome is the beautiful, luxurious and the gateway to the Kimberley region.

  • Relax at the beautiful Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa for a beautifully indulgent experience.
  • Time your visit between March and October to witness the fantastic Staircase to the Moon optical illusion.
  • Uncover one of the world’s most prolific pearling operations.

Broome is another region which experiences just the two separate seasons over the year, the wet and the dry season.

The wet season generally runs from November until April, with the region often experiencing short downpours of heavy rainfall. The average temperature over this time is between 25 – 33.6°C (77 – 92.5°F).

The dry season usually runs from May to October, with warm days and clear blue skies. Temperatures average between 17 – 30.8°C (62.6 – 87.4°F) over this period of time.

What do our experts say about Broome?

"Broome is beyond beautiful! A frontier town in the remote Kimberley where the outback and ocean converge. Home to Australia’s pearling industry, Broome has a number of incredible things to do; visit the sprawling Yeeda Station, take an adventure on a seaplane to the inspiring Horizontal Falls or simply lounge under a Mango tree or stroll Cable Beach and enjoy a simpler way of life – magical!"

The diverse range of luxury accommodations and activities offer a new style of distinctively experiences

Accommodations and Experiences in Broome

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Australian Hand-Crafted Journeys

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