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Australian Hand-Crafted Journeys

Kangaroo Island

Pristine beaches, unspoiled wilderness and abundant wildlife

One of the Earth’s last unspoilt refuges

The scenery on Kangaroo Island is breath-taking, and largely untouched. Travel through dense bushland to discover wonderful hidden-beaches, adventure over rolling hills and around rocky cliffs to discover some of the most incredible scenery in Australia. Located approximately 45 minutes by ferry from the South Australian southern coastline, Kangaroo Island is 509km of native bushland, wildlife, adventure and exploration. There is a myriad of experiences to be discovered on the island, from pristine beaches, stunning sunsets, ample wildlife and incredible locals with a passion for sharing their island home with the rest of the world.

With much of the island hidden by bushland, wildlife is abundant – making Kangaroo Island the perfect location to catch a glimpse of some of Australia’s most iconic wildlife; kangaroo’s, koala’s and echidna’s.

The island has some of the best adventure holidays Australia has to offer, making it an adventurer’s paradise. Make sure to include Kangaroo Island on your next Australian discovery.

  • Sample the fantastic range of boutique produce crafted on the island. Uncover incredible gin, high-quality wines and artisan foods.
  • Get up-close-and-personal with the wildlife on Kangaroo Island in their natural habitat unperturbed by your presence as they go about daily life, making for a genuine and unique wildlife encounter.

The temperature on Kangaroo Island is very similar to that in Adelaide, often only a couple of degrees cooler.

Throughout summer (December to February), temperatures vary between 15 – 24° C (59 – 75.2° F) and winter temperatures range between 8 – 15° C (46.4 – 59° F). Both are great times to visit, despite the varying climates.

August and spring are much more mild seasons, with temperatures averaging around 15 – 20° C (59 – 68° F). With more consistent weather, these seasons are great opportunities to explore the island.

What do our experts say about Kangaroo Island?

"The second largest Island of Australia doesn’t disappoint. KI has something for everyone, from the stunning natural scenery, the abundant wildlife and the fabulous array for food and wine. This destination is a must."

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Journeys featuring Kangaroo Island

Around Australia in 14 Days

JOURNEY | Experience the best Australia has to offer on this luxury 14-day itinerary to the country’s most remarkable and exciting destinations.

Remarkable Rocks in Flinders Chase National Park from the ocean.

Expedition Kangaroo Island

JOURNEY | Discover this immersive 5-day Kangaroo Island itinerary, offering private and authentic tour experiences while being hosted by locals.

The diverse range of luxury accommodations and activities offer a new style of distinctively experiences

Accommodations and Experiences in Kangaroo Island

One Kangaroo Island

PRIVATE VILLA | Discover a five-star luxury escape at One Kangaroo Island. Enjoy chef-catered eco-accommodation on your next South Australian holiday.

Oceanview Eco Villas

PRIVATE VILLA | Family-run and hosted by locals, Oceanview Eco Villas is a top luxury accommodation retreat overlooking Nepean Bay on scenic Kangaroo Island.

Stranraer Homestead

HOMESTEAD | Discover Kangaroo Island on a tailor-made luxury holiday with a stay at romantic and historic accommodation, Stranraer Homestead.

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Australian Hand-Crafted Journeys

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