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Great Barrier Reef

Named one of the Seven Wonders of the World

The Great Barrier Reef is an experience high on the bucket list of many travellers​

Comprising of nearly 3,000 individual reef systems, the Great Barrier Reef is an incredible natural phenomenon that attracts travellers from all over the world.

This magnificent aquatic region is an underwater mecca for an incredible array of aquatic plant and marine life. From sea turtles, gliding gracefully beneath snorkelling visitors, to colourful kaleidoscope of fish species, busily attending to their homes amongst the coral, there is just so much to view on the Great Barrier Reef.

For guests looking to really live the life of luxury, Orpheus and Lizard Island both feature magnificent and tropical island luxury resorts that are guaranteed to entice every traveller. The iconic island destinations are well-placed for convenient access to the Great Barrier Reef, and are perfect for extending your reef experience.

The Great Barrier Reef is the perfect experiences for guests of all ages and is a true icon of Australian tourism.

  • Bring the family on a holiday of a lifetime, soaking up the tropical sunshine and exploring one of the world’s most beautiful natural phenomena.
  • Spoil yourself and hire an incredible private yacht for the ultimate tropical island and Great Barrier Reef adventure.
  • Relax poolside at one of Australia’s best tropical island paradises, or perhaps make the most of your stay and enjoy the many all-inclusive experiences on offer.

The weather in Tropical North Queensland and the surrounding Great Barrier Reef is incredible, with warm dry winters and balmy summers.

The Dry Season (winter) occurs between May and October and is the best time to head out and explore the reef. The temperatures average between 17.5 – 29°C (63.5 – 84.2°F).

The wet season usually occurs between November to April, and sees monsoonal rains and higher humidity. The temperatures range from 21.5 – 31.4 °C (70.7 – 88.5°F). This is also the time in which cyclones can occur in the region.

What do our experts say about Great Barrier Reef?

"Such an iconic destination and one with important environmental lessons for us all. Look out for nudibranchs while snorkelling or diving – my favourite reef creatures!"

Exclusively designed and accessed through our expert travel designers

Journeys featuring Great Barrier Reef

SEIT Uluru Sunset

Red To White Sands

JOURNEY | Explore the red sands of the Australian Outback to the white sands of the Great Barrier Reef on this hand-designed 2-week luxury itinerary.

Around Australia in 14 Days

JOURNEY | Experience the best Australia has to offer on this luxury 14-day itinerary to the country’s most remarkable and exciting destinations.

Travel Australia like a Rockstar

JOURNEY | Travel Australia like a rockstar on your own VIP private jet on this unique 14-night journey made by top luxury travel specialists.

The diverse range of luxury accommodations and activities offer a new style of distinctively experiences

Accommodations and Experiences in Great Barrier Reef

Lizard Island

LUXURY LODGE | Beachfront villas leading onto private beaches and exquisite nature makes Lizard Island one of the Great Barrier Reef’s finest luxury resorts.

Aroona Luxury Yacht

Aroona Luxury Boat Charters

DAY BOAT CHARTER | Catering for fishing, diving and exploratory private charters, Aroona is a 5-star boat. Explore Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and beyond.

Orpheus Island Great Barrier Reef Luxury Resort

Orpheus Island Resort

LUXURY LODGE | Design a Great Barrier Reef holiday to remember with a five-star island escape at Orpheus Island Lodge, accommodating just 28 total guests.

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