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Ultimate Australia – A Privately Guided Safari

Discerning international travellers have been experiencing Australia for well over fifty years. Still today, just as it was fifty years ago, the ultimate way to experience Australia is with a world-class Australian safari guide who accompanies you and your travel party throughout your entire journey.

The Tailor specialises in creating truly customised journeys and constantly strives to elevate our clients’ experience. While each hand-crafted journey boasts luxurious accommodation and five-star experiences, our client feedback consistently confirms our travellers’ most unforgettable memories are created when they are accompanied by passionate local guides who are intrinsically connected to the country.

What are private guides?

Private guides are travel experts who offer outstanding insight and accompany you and your travel party for the full duration of your trip.

Dedicated to enhancing your experience without intruding on it, these professionals possess the skills to deliver an unrivalled Australian experience. Just some of the skills they offer include immense naturalist knowledge, the flexibility and creativity to adapt your itinerary as you travel, and outstanding hospitality that is sensitive to you and your travel needs.

In short, a private guide is an interdisciplinary expert who ensures your journey is intuitive and truly magical from start to finish.

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Who are our private safari guides?

Our leading private guide is Brendon Bevan – a holistic conduit to the natural world, passionate about the environment, and the previous manager of some of Australia’s premium lodges, including the Arkaba Conservancy, Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef, Bamurru Plains, and more.

Offering more than 25 years of guiding experience with his roots in game lodges across Southern Africa, Brendon offers a true understanding and appreciation for the natural world and conservation.

Being intimately acquainted with wilderness landscapes and lodges, Brendon has hosted guests all over Australia for the past decade and a half, from the central Flinders Ranges to the most far-flung reaches of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory.

Combining both his first-hand experience with luxury lodges in Australia and his natural ability to elevate the experience for guests, Brendon is not only one of Australia’s most acclaimed guides, but is also developing a comprehensive training programme to shape Australia’s next generation of outstanding private guides.   

What are the benefits of having a private safari guide?

Privately guided journeys are simply the best way to discover Australia. These five-star journeys not only lead travellers to some of Australia’s most inspirational, wild, and inaccessible landscapes rich with nature, history, and culture, but also unlock the many hidden secrets of this land, which are only accessible through your guide’s expertise.

Private guides perfectly fit exclusive groups such as families and small groups

A private guide is an outstanding asset for families and small groups who value privacy and want a flexible experience perfectly tailored to them. With their ability to adjust to you and your travel party’s needs on the go, our guides seamlessly enhance and personalise your experience without feeling intrusive.

They deliver a consistent experience

By accompanying you throughout your journey, your guide provides opportunity to delve deeper and build upon the knowledge you’ve already discovered on your travels. By connecting various sightings and experiences from previous destinations, your experience of Australia grows richer, more layered, and more personal by the day.

They offer outstanding expertise

We only use world-class guides who are passionate and highly-trained. These experts offer not only years of experience and first-hand knowledge, but also share fascinating insights and personal stories to make your experience even more memorable and personal. Rather than simply reciting facts and figures from a script, they encourage you to get involved and build your own personal understanding of the land through first-hand interaction and interpretation.

They shape your experience to perfectly fit you

On a journey already customised to your interests, your private guide facilitates your experience by adapting your trip as it evolves. Using their vast local knowledge, they can point out elements you might otherwise have missed and gently direct you to insights and experiences that match you perfectly.

What journeys do private safari guides lead?

Our private guides offer outstanding and experience across all regions of Australia. They can lead highly specialised, deep-dive journeys in a single region, or can accompany you to multiple far-flung destinations across all corners of the country.

How much does a private safari cost?

There is no set price for how much a private Australian safari costs, as they are always personalised to your specific wants and needs. That said, they do come at a premium, as this is the crème de la crème of Australian experiences.

From your brief, our Travel Designers will personalise a quote to your budget and tell you what is possible.

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