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Hidden Gems of Australia 

BLOG | Join us as we unveil Australia's most exclusive and hidden treasures, beyond well-trodden paths to transcend the ordinary and defy expectations of even the most discerning traveller.
Couple at the top of Zoe Falls

Embark on a journey of discovery with The Tailor as we unveil a tapestry of Australia’s most exclusive and hidden gems, reserved for the discerning traveller. Beyond the well-trodden paths, our expertly curated experiences are a gateway to Australia’s best-kept secrets—places and adventures that transcend the ordinary and defy expectations. From the allure of private tours in remote corners of the country to the luxury of exclusive retreats hidden in bustling CBDs, this is where the exceptional is not just promised, but delivered with finesse and exclusivity.  

Private Paspaley Pearls Safari

Revered for their rarity, high quality and high value, Paspaley Pearls are only sold to the most exclusive jewellery houses on the planet. A legacy beginning in the 1930s, Paspaley Pearls have been a staple in the luxury market, beginning nearly 100 years ago in 1930 and now one of the world’s most important producers of cultivated pearls. In this one-of-a-kind experience, take a behind-the-scenes tour at their Sydney showroom and peruse the Paspaley family’s private collection while you watch master pearl graders at work. 

Explore Outside of Sydney  

Palm Beach. Sydney

Venture beyond Sydney Harbour and its icons to traverse the pristine northern beaches along the coast of Sydney for a true journey off the beaten path. Your hosts, Jamie and Alex, will share with you their favourite way to spend a day at leisure, driving along the picturesque coastline. Discover the local surfing spots and secluded seaside corners on your way to Palm Beach – a costal haven at the end of a long peninsula fringed by surf on one side and tranquil Pittwater on the other. Let Jamie show you around where he grew up, listening to him regale you with a true local’s insider knowledge of stories filled with rich history and hidden secrets. 

The journey home will be via the sheltered waterway of Pittwater and Broken Bay, two destinations with myriad vistas and secret nooks to explore. This journey will not only give insight into the Sydney surf culture, but will induct you as an ‘honorary local’. 

Melbourne’s Labyrinthine Laneways  

Delve into the cultural heart of Melbourne with a private tour offering a unique exploration of the city’s vibrant laneways. These labyrinthine alleys, pulsating with the energy of street art, cafés, fine dining restaurants and hidden bars, offer an intimate glimpse into Melbourne’s artistic soul. The highlight of this bespoke journey is the rare opportunity for guests to leave their own mark by creating street art, guided by local experts. This personalised experience, a seamless blend of artistry and discovery, reveals the lesser-known facets of Melbourne and invites you to enjoy its hidden treasures. 

Discover the Secrets of an Australia Icon with R.M.Williams 

Embark on The Tailor’s R.M.Williams Half-Day Experience, immersing yourself in the realm of Australian craftsmanship. This private tour seamlessly intertwines tradition with luxury, providing an elegant exploration of heritage and style with a rare glimpse into the iconic R.M.Williams workshop in Adelaide. Follow the meticulous process of crafting the legendary leather boots, watching as it passes between 80 pairs of hands before the final product is revealed. This behind-the-scenes tour, guided by skilled artisans, not only unveils the brand’s rich heritage and craftsmanship, giving you the opportunity to explore the original workshop and R.M.Williams Museum, but also gives guests the opportunity to take home their very own pair of R.M.Williams boots.  

Explore a Hidden Island on the Great Barrier Reef 

Hinchinbrook Island, Queensland
Couple at the top of Zoe Falls

Most visitors head to the Great Barrier Reef for sun, sand and world-class marine experiences, however, guests can also embark on a captivating tour of Hinchinbrook Island, a mysterious island boasting cloud-cloaked mountains and pristine beaches. This magnificent natural haven, renowned as Australia’s largest island national park, is a sanctuary of untouched beauty. Wander through its ancient rainforests, marvel at the towering peaks, and find serenity along the secluded beaches. The island’s diverse ecosystems, from mangrove-fringed waterways to the rugged mountainous interior, promise a rich tapestry of nature’s artistry. This tour, reserved for a select few, offers a unique opportunity to connect with the profound tranquillity and raw splendour of this unparalleled landscape, creating an experience that is both intimate and majestic. 

Quoll Patrol in the Wilds of Tasmania 

Journey into wilds of the Tasmanian bush to catch a glimpse of the elusive eastern quoll. This carnivorous marsupial may not be as famous as its island home’s namesake, but its nocturnal adventures and unique characteristics make encountering it a rare and unforgettable experience. Enjoy the ambience of a superb campfire dinner as the surrounding forest comes alive with the nightly escapades of forester kangaroos, brush-tail possums, wombats and Bennett’s wallaby as they graze close by. Following dinner, embark on a nocturnal walk designed for the inquisitive and adventurous that takes you into the heart of the island’s untamed wilderness to discover the antics of the eastern quoll in its natural habitat.  

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