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Australia’s Best Autumn Experiences

BLOG | From the cool, crisp climates of the southern regions to the warm and lush environments of the north, an array of captivating experiences awaits travellers seeking to embrace the beauty of the autumn season
Aerial of Mount Lofty Botanic Garden

Australia’s autumn runs between March and May, with the southern part of Australia experiencing mild temperatures between 68°F (20°C) and 77°F (25°C) with most days being relatively sunny and showers closer to the end of the season as winter starts to creep in. Alternately, the northern part of Australia stretches its summer weather a little longer, with temperatures between 82.4°F (28°C) and 93.2°F (34°C) while the wet season eases off closer to the end of April.

Around Australia the array of botanic gardens and hilled landscapes are painted in autumnal orange, yellow and rust beneath clear skies, making it the perfect time to explore some of the country’s best in walking trails and wine regions. From New South Wales, along the east coast to the island state of Tasmania, mild days and pristine conditions beckon, perfect for visitors. Meanwhile, along the west coast, whale sharks begin their annual migration over protected reefs, inviting visitors to the experience of a lifetime. To the north, the wet season is coming to an end, bringing with it the reopening of luxury lodges beneath warm, clear skies. Whatever your travelling preferences, autumn in Australia has a myriad of adventures, luxurious accommodations and unique experiences available for even the most discerning traveller.

Australian Nature and Wildlife

Great Walks of Australia - Bay of Fires

Ningaloo Reef

Off the coast of the famed Cape Range National Park’s limestone hinterland lies a coral oasis that sets the stage for one of nature’s most incredible experiences come autumn. Ningaloo Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to 500 species of fish, 250 coral species and 600 species of mollusc, acts as your backdrop to a swim alongside the elusive whale shark in this underwater daydream. With the season commencing at the end of March, stay in the eco-luxury Sal Salis safari camp by the beach and sleep beneath the stary blanket of the Milky Way before diving with manta rays, green and loggerhead turtles alongside these magnificent beasts come sunrise.

Experience Nature

The lovechild of nature enthusiasts and luxury experiences in New South Wales’ Southern Highlands. Experience Nature, headed by the lively Amanda Fry, delves into the luxuriant landscape littered with waterfalls, walking trails and rainforests to connect you with a sense of place. Indulge in cool climate wines and canapes whilst canoeing through the verdant Kangaroo Valley, embark on wellness walks and the Burri Burri (whale) Songline First Nations Experience or get back to your roots with forest bathing and yoga in pristine, lush environments.

Tasmania Walks

There are few places in Australia that offer such a plethora of incredible walking trails such as the likes of Tasmania. Arguably the best place in the country for picturesque hikes and wildlife experiences, discover some of the incredible trails perfect for exploring during the cooling of autumn. Walk multi- or single-day trips along the summit of mountain ranges, white sand beaches, hidden coves and untouched island landscapes to make the most of this lush region. For a full breakdown of our favourite walks in Australia, and a more in-depth look at some of our Tasmanian favourites, have a read of our Ultimate Walks of Australia guide.

Vineyards in Australia

From the rolling hills of the Yarra Valley to the scenic vineyards of the Barossa, the beauty of Australia’s wine regions is apparent in their scenic landscapes, bountiful grapevines, and charming cellar doors awaiting exploration. With autumn comes amber vines and hillsides dotted with golden hues, glasses of red by roaring fireplaces and hearty meals derived from local produce. An experience unlike the summer, when glasses of resiling provide a welcome reprieve the sun’s heated gaze, autumn in Australia’s wine regions emulate the cosy characteristics of winter reds beneath blue skies. Cashmere scarves and baked brie in eclectic cellar doors, vineyard walks in the crisp air with merlot on your tongue and petrichor on your nose. For an all-encompassing look at Australia’s wine offerings, we suggest exploring our guide to Top Winery Experiences in Australia.

City Escapes

Guests being shown around the exterior of the Sydney Opera House by a guide


A bustling hub of bright lights, stunning harbour vistas and elevated experiences, it’s hard to ignore the allure of one of Australia’s most populus cities. In the autumn, go beyond the sands of Bondi and aquatic activities of the harbour and get behind the scenes at some of the most sought-after experiences in Australia. Pull back the curtain on the famed Sydney Opera House, marvel at the private collection of the Paspaley Pearls family or get one-on-one lessons with some of the most renowned chefs in the world. If experiences aren’t your thing, then simply enjoy tasting your way through the city with VIP treatment at the most popular restaurants and bars on offer.


The brunch capital of Australia and one never-ending celebration of the arts, Melbourne’s dotting of galleries, theatres, and street art-leaden laneways offer much to the avid traveller no matter the season. Its love for coffee and gastronomic excellence is evident in its bustling cafes and diverse restaurants, while sports enthusiasts will relish its passion for rugby and Australian Rules Football. Discover the best of the Melbourne experience alongside local experts, delivering entirely personalised itineraries through Melbourne’s laneways, neighbourhoods, culinary scene and nightlife to give you the most of this incredible city.

Luxury Stays

Sequoia Lodge - Pool with a view

Whether residing in some of the most remote areas of the country, laid beside idyllic lakes at the base of pink mountains, or nestled between the rust of changing leaves and rolling hills, Australia is home to some truly incredible lodges offering, truly incredible autumn experiences.

The Louise

An award-winning vineyard retreat set atop a gentle rolling hill within the famed Barossa wine region of South Australia, The Louise casts an elegant silhouette over sun-dappled vineyards, primed for the avid epicurean. Residing in an internationally acclaimed heaven of viticultural innovation and production, your stay at The Louise is accented with rich flavours of seasonal produce and drops of local wines, the cellar doors of which are open to explore. Embark on a tour through the sprawling valleys of the Barossa, meeting winemakers, blending your own variety and tasting your way through this world-renowned region.

El Questro

Explore the grandeur of the famed Kimberley in Western Australia as the wet season comes to an end, giving way to clear skies and comfortable temperatures. A panorama of rugged cliff faces, coastal gorges, and majestic waterfalls, the Kimberley stands as one of Australia’s last great frontiers to the untouched Australian outback. Here, El Questro Homestead offers exclusive experiences through the tranquil Chamberlain River to spot wild crocodiles, nearby gorges to discover ancient Aboriginal rock art and chartered flights to private waterholes and fishing spots.

Saffire Freycinet

Tasmania’s Freycinet Peninsula awaits; with the pink granite of the Hazards Mountains, the tranquil aqua hues of Oyster Bay and the lush forests of the Tasmanian wilderness with Saffire Freycinet standing watch over it all. This luxury lodge, situated perfectly on the banks of Oyster Bay, gives a front row seat to sunsets over the ocean, the burnt orange paying homage to the leaves caressing its walls. Embark on a quad bike excursion through white sands and green forests, taste your way through an oyster farm or walk down one of the many trails available in the region.


South Australia’s Adelaide Hills serve up some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country come autumn. While the leaves change, spreading fire-coloured foliage through the region, Sequoia lodge stands at the precipice as an elegant sanctuary residing over the expansive Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens and Piccadilly Valley. Embark on a journey of flavour within the exceptional dining options showcasing local produce and fine wines, or relax in their day spa or take in the view from the heated infinity pool before exploring the Adelaide Hills alongside The Tailor’s local touring by The Tailor Touring Co.

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Aerial of Mount Lofty Botanic Garden

Australia’s Best Autumn Experiences

BLOG | From the cool, crisp climates of the southern regions to the warm and lush environments of the north, an array of captivating experiences awaits travellers seeking to embrace the beauty of the autumn season

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