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The Team Explores Sydney: From Indulgent Luxury to Local Delights

BLOG | Travel Designers Cate Harley, Susanne Regenberg Drew and Luisa Rumbelow experienced the seduction of Sydney, sleeping in lavish comfort by night and exploring the best of Australia’s most popular city by day.
The Tailor Team having lunch in Sydney
Sydney Harbour Bridge from a low angle on a bright day


With its iconic landmarks and breathtaking natural beauty, Sydney is a city that captivates the imagination and leaves an indelible impression on visitors. Touching down late, The Tailor team got an incredible look at the city and harbour after dark. 

Sydney draws visitors in with its kaleidoscope of cultures, cuisines, and customs. From the sun-drenched beaches of Bondi to the lively streets of Darlinghurst, it is a city that invites exploration and discovery. 

From indulging in world-class cuisine at award-winning restaurants to sipping on vintage wines at private tastings, Sydney offers a decadent dining scene that rivals any in the world. It is a city humming with culture, offering visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the country’s rich heritage and natural wonders. 

Capella Sydney Lobby


Checking into their home for the next couple of days, the designers marveled at the intricacies of the latest addition to Sydney’s skyline, officially opening just two days prior to their arrival. Upon entering the lobby, they were greeted with a truly breathtaking sight that left a lasting impression. The architecture, interior design, and carefully curated art pieces create a stunning ensemble. Every detail has been meticulously chosen and placed, resulting in a warm, homely, and spacious atmosphere enhanced by the soaring ceilings. The ambiance strikes a perfect balance between relaxation and liveliness, accompanied by a delightful signature scent wafting throughout the entire property and subtle, well-curated music. 

Specifically, the travel designers were captivated by the remarkable kinetic installation in the main lobby where large fabric flowers in soft pastel colours were suspended from the ceiling, opening and closing in a mesmerizing dance. Equally awe-inspiring was the 11-meter-high wall adorned with nearly 70 local species of flora, a botanical marvel that adds a touch of natural beauty to the arrival. 

With an impressive day spa, serene pool reminiscent of ancient bathing houses and spacious gym facilities, The Tailor team were well taken care of. Dining in Capella’s in-house restaurant Brasserie 1930 on Saturday night, they indulged in an indulgent buffet that made their stay as delicious as it was relaxing.  

Capella offers nine different room and suite types, fit for the most discerning traveler, and offers a communal ‘Capella ritual’ each night which invites guests to learn something new about the culture and history of the city.

Guides leading a small group of guests through Sydney’s Northern Beaches on a rocky outcrop

Local Eyes Touring

The group soon began their exploration with Local Eyes Touring, an exclusive touring company led by   knowledgeable hosts and business owners, Jamie and Alex. Local Eyes has woven together a tapestry of experiences that cater to all ages, and particularly resonates with sophisticated travelers. Travel Designers Cate, Susanne and Luisa had the pleasure of embarking on a journey with Local Eyes, which revealed the city’s hidden wonders through their expertly crafted tour.  

The adventure commenced with the arrival of a beautiful vessel, Illuka, docked at the Commissioners Steps. The group stepped on board to be greeted by a space that exuded elegance and spaciousness. The boat, meticulously maintained, offers a haven of comfort no matter the weather. 

On arrival, Alex extended a warm welcome, offering beverages, a platter laden with succulent fresh fruit and pre-prepared snacks for the journey. The boat made its way through Sydney’s waterways, passing the famed Sydney Harbour Bridge through to the historic Darling Harbour. 

But the Local Eyes team had more in mind than just boating, devising a multi-faceted touring experience through Sydney, seamlessly intertwining a coastal walk into their itinerary. Arriving at Sandy Bay, where the boat found its temporary mooring at Clontarf Marina, the group disembarked and set foot on a path that hugged the coastline. 

Jamie, a font of local knowledge and enthusiasm, punctuated their stroll with insightful conversations and captivating tales of the land’s flora and historical significance. Nestled within a national park, the trail unveiled breathtaking views of pristine beaches, inviting the gazes of both locals and visitors alike. 

Along the path, ancient petroglyphs (rock art) evoked a profound sense of connection to the culture and Country of Australia’s First Peoples. The walk culminated at Jamie and Alex’s own home, an inviting sanctuary that radiated warmth and authenticity and, of course, Jamie and Alex’s Labrador, Poppy.  

Here, the group relished a homemade lunch, in the soothing ambiance of the outdoor surroundings. The culinary offerings were elegantly simple featuring a medley of oysters, prawns, and succulent Moreton Bay Bugs (crab).. The sizzling BBQ showcased succulent fish and tender lamb, accompanied by two vibrant salads that added a refreshing touch to the delectable feast. In this unpretentious yet inviting setting this quickly proved to be a gathering among friends. It was a truly warm, genuine, and insightful day into life as a Sydneysider.

Bondi Rock Jumping

Splendour Tailored Tours

Splendour Tailored Tours offer extraordinary, tailored experiences of Sydney and greater New South Wales, crafted with personal interests in mind, and led by an innovative local guide. Whilst exploring Sydney, the travel designers met with Ev from Splendour and embarked on a truly personalised journey the delivered a quintessential Sydney experience.

The adventure kicked off as Ev, their spirited guide, whisked them away to the renowned Bondi Markets, a treasure trove that comes alive each Sunday. This vibrant marketplace boasts the very best local, ethical, and organic produce, while the friendly stall holders added an extra layer of warmth to the atmosphere.

Their next escapade unleashed a wave of excitement—an adrenaline-fueled session of barefoot bowling at the captivating Clovelly locale. Joined by the vivacious Carly, the talented photographer Rosie, and the charismatic Dean from Localing Australia, they found themselves perched on an elevated site, basking in awe-inspiring views of the endless sea. As the bowls rolled across the green, their spirits soared, and a symphony of refreshing libations graced their hands. The Travel Designers savoured every sip, immersing themselves in the essence of being true-blue Sydneysiders. This memory quickly became the highlight of their journey.

A leisurely 15-minute stroll led them to the shores of Bronte Beach. Here, they luxuriated in crystal-clear rock pools and the refreshing embrace of picturesque ocean. While some of them continued their walk to Tamarama, they ventured on to North Bondi for a delectable lunch at North Bondi Fish. Securing a table outside along the beachfront, they reveled in the view as the beach grew increasingly lively. The restaurant, though bustling, was the perfect place to enjoy the very freshest Australian seafood on a warm spring day.

As the sun began to set, they sought to conclude their day on a sweet note and gelato from Sydney institution, Messina, beckoned. Succumbing to temptation, the team discovered they had the appetite for one last indulgence, after all!

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