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The Top 5 Reasons to Use a Luxury Travel Agent

ARTICLE | In the face of an ever-changing travel landscape, using a quality Travel Agent is more important than ever—especially for luxury travel. In this blog we’ll shine a light on how we make Australian hand-crafted journeys at The Tailor, reveal our behind-the-scenes work, and showcase how you’ll benefit from using our services.
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For many, travel is more than just a holiday – it’s a way of life. Experiencing new lands and cultures, expanding your mind and perspective, and creating memories with loved ones to be cherished for years to come can all be done with a well-designed trip.

For travellers seeking exclusive and luxury escapes who want to delve deeper and get more out of their journey, planning and expertise is essential. However, in a landscape that has radically changed, organising travel is no longer as straightforward as it used to be. So, what is the best option for people wanting to travel in Australia but aren’t sure where to start?

The best way to guarantee an exceptional and seamless holiday is by working with an expert, which is where a Travel Agent – or in our case, a Travel Designer – comes into play.

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What is a Travel Designer?

Most people are familiar with travel agents. These industry professionals book accommodation, tours, and packages to take the hassle out of your holiday. In the luxury and high-end travel market they are often known as Travel Designers – a term first coined by The Tailor over twenty years ago – and they play a more complex role in your travel arrangements.

Choosing the best Travel Designer to suit your specific journey is an important first step. A specialist Travel Designer with a wealth of experience and know-how will enhance your overall experience in both expected and unexpected ways – so choosing the correct one is vital. While also booking the usual components of a trip, our specialist Travel Designers also play the role of your project manager, personal concierge, problem solver, dream-weaver, and direct point of contact throughout all stages of your trip – whether you’re planning, currently travelling, or have returned from your journey. They wear a lot of hats, making their work extremely valuable.

Who benefits from using a Travel Designer?

Luxury travellers of all kinds can benefit from a Travel Designers’ services. Whether it’s a logistically-complex itinerary, coordinating a multi-generational family journey, a specialised and finessed trip like a honeymoon or outback wildlife safari, or anything in-between – working with a Travel Designer will help you explore the Australia you always knew existed, but didn’t know how to find.

We’ve selected five key areas where our Travel Designers’ work shines brightest. Discover what our bespoke Travel Designers do, learn about their behind-the-scenes work for your trip, and see why you’ll benefit from their services – whenever and wherever you’re travelling in Australia.

1.      Expertise

When using a Travel Designer’s services, you’ve hired a project manager to carefully select every single detail of your trip and leave nothing to chance, making your experience hassle-free from start to finish. Your trip is constructed from a deep well of first-hand knowledge and expertise to draw upon, on both an individual and company-wide basis.

Each trip we stitch uses the finest Australian hand-picked experiences which The Tailor team have personally experienced and approved. We offer over 300 years of collective luxury travel knowledge, skill and experience. Each member of the team intimately understands how the industry works while also having their own speciality niches, ranging from cultural getaways to culinary escapes.

Since COVID, the travel industry has changed on a daily basis. Throughout this time, our team has kept up-to-date with our suppliers and maintained strong professional relationships with our hand-picked selection of the country’s best accommodation and experiences to ensure our trips are perfectly suited to you at all times.

Our knowledgeable Travel Designers take your enquiries and construct the who, what, when, where and why of your dream journey, and then stitch it together with ease

2.     Emergencies

Unfortunately, even the best-laid plans can sometimes go awry. In that unlikely event, your personally-assigned Travel Designer is your immediate and reliable insurance and direct line to help you with any issues that might unexpectedly emerge while travelling.

Each of our Travel Designers have handled hundreds of trips and solved all kinds of unexpected travel emergencies, all while doing it in style. We helped evacuate clients from Kangaroo Island during the January 2020 bushfires, have rearranged itinerary plans to navigate last-minute border closures, organised private aircraft transfers after commercial flights were cancelled, organised repatriation flights, rearranged postponed trips, and more.

Booking our luxury travel services allows you to enjoy your trip knowing a dedicated agent is looking after you, will advocate for you, and will be ready to deal with any unexpected twists that might pop up along the way – especially in today’s travel landscape.

3.     Cost-Effectiveness

We specialise in five-star luxury and experiential Australian travel, which covers an extremely diverse scope of experiences. Rather than doing your own research and booking, working with a quality Travel Designer will save you one of the most precious commodities of all – time. One expert Travel Designer can organise every single component of your holiday, saving you time and energy while also maximising the value of your dollars.

The industry’s best Travel Designers offer subtle touches which absolutely maximise your experience. Rather than just providing a room, our team know who to talk to who can get you the room with the best views, and which guide offers the most knowledge and passion about your interests. In addition, our wide-reaching and unique connections across the country open up special relationships with accommodation, guides, and experiences exclusive to The Tailor all over Australia. The privileged access and exclusive VIP connections born through our personal connections are integral to a memorable and inimitable Tailor journey. Using our advisory Travel Designer services also ensures the logistics of your specific trip are considered, with information like seasonal availability, holiday surcharges, exclusive specials and more being available at our fingertips.

Engaging our services is an investment in saving you time, effort and money – which is priceless for when all you want to do is relax and enjoy.

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4.     Character

One major element a Travel Designer provides to your trip is an invaluable personal touch. No two trips our Travel Designers weave together are the same, because they embed your personality and interests into your trip. They then add their own creativity to make your journey distinctly memorable.

Our Travel Designers specialise in hand-crafting holidays that suit you perfectly. To do this, they ask questions, chat with you, and develop a rich understanding of what you want out of your holiday. They then entwine your personality and interests into your itinerary, with their personal reading of you creating opportunities for special experiences designed just to surprise and delight you. This can be as simple as a candle-lit dinner in your surprise suite upgrade for a honeymooners’ getaway to more comprehensive surprises. Our Travel Designers regularly arrange surprises that perfectly suit their clients, ranging from private after-hours art gallery tours to see particular exhibitions, all the way to secretly coordinating a custom-made Christmas Day adventure for a young family to dig for treasure in a sand cay of the Great Barrier Reef.

Our clients often form a special relationship with their Travel Designer and work with them time and time again due to their proven ability to elevate their holiday beyond their ordinary.

5.     Confidence

Building confidence is where your Travel Designer truly shines.

When you book with us, your dedicated Travel Designer is your safety net to support you every step of the way. They’re your professional support from a company with over twenty-four years of proven experience, with a comprehensive list of recognitions, awards, and memberships with esteemed travel groups to show for it. We offer honesty and transparency as we talk you through the creation of your itinerary, only recommend products when we know they will fit your specific journey, and will only recommend alternatives that fit our standards. When you book with us, you receive the VIP treatment and all the comfort that brings.

Your bespoke Travel Designer is dedicated to you and your trip, and are available to solve any problems for you and advocate for you at any point of your travel process, beginning when you first get in contact with us and continuing all the way through until you’re back home with plenty of happy snaps and memories. When you’ve enlisted our quality Travel Designer’s services for your holiday, you can feel confident every step of the way. You can also read about our previous clients’ tailored journeys in their own words to find out more.

Enjoying a hassle-free, five-star Australian holiday is easily accomplished by using the services of The Tailor’s quality Travel Designers. Our Top 5 reasons to enquire with our team for your next journey are:

  1. Expertise: They provide up-to-date, relevant advice and personalised options to perfectly suit your itinerary;
  2. Emergencies: They will save you in emergency situations and be your advocate to get you out of travel catastrophes;
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: They save you time and stress by organising everything, and open up access to exclusive deals, industry partnerships, hidden gems and special touches you cannot find yourself;
  4. Character: They get to know you, understand your desires, and use plenty of their creativity to make your holiday uniquely memorable;
  5. Confidence: They work within a proven industry network, collaborate with you to create a trip perfectly-suited to you, and will be your safety net during every step of your journey.
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