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Top 6 Aerial Tours in Australia

BLOG | Discover the best aerial journeys in Australia, from day tours to multi-day expeditions, that showcase the diverse regions of the country from the comfort of a private aircraft
Heli fishing in Cape York

Private air travel in Australia redefines the essence of exploration by offering unparalleled benefits. It’s an intimate affair where the journey is as treasured as the destination. This exclusivity ensures efficiency, privacy, and ease of access to the country’s most secluded spots. Tailored itineraries, luxurious comfort, and the flexibility to explore at your own pace elevate every voyage to an elite experience. 

Offering a range of incredible aerial tours around the country, our guide of the best aerial expeditions in Australia will take you through breath-taking journeys that showcase the beauty of Cape York’s rugged wilderness, the majestic Great Ocean Road, Tasmania’s pristine landscapes, and the serene pastoral expanses of regional South Australia. These curated aerial tours promise a unique vantage point to appreciate the hidden facets of Australia’s rich topography, paving the way for adventures that are as grand as the land itself. 

Quinkan Rock Art – Day Safari  

Helicopter to Quinkan

A fantastic way for guests staying on Lizard Island to enrich their holiday en-route to Cairns, a private helicopter from the island will take you into the heart of the Cape York Peninsula to witness the incredible Quinkan rock art. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the top 10 rock art sites in the world, you can see the progression of different techniques and styles within the gallery that experts say is anywhere between 15,000 to 40,000 years old. Learn first-hand from knowledgeable Kuku-Yalanji community members about the sacred site and their deep connection to Country through sampling bush tucker, bush medicines and hearing stories that span thousands of years of ancient and modern Culture.  

Helifishing in Cape York – Multi-day Tour  

Heli fishing in Cape York

The ultimate helifishing experience in Queensland’s Cape York, this is a six-day expedition that combines the thrill of fishing with the luxury of private air travel. Cape York, often referred to as “The Tip” of Australia, is a remote and rugged peninsula in north Queensland, known for its wild landscapes, rich Indigenous culture, and diverse ecosystems, ranging from rainforests to savannas. Your adventure begins with an R44 helicopter, an ideal craft for both sightseeing and accessing the most secluded fishing spots. Spend your days journeying out to the most exclusive fishing spots alongside a private guide and fishing mentor to reel-in a variety of species such as barramundi and giant trevally in the ocean surrounding the peninsula and off private islands.  

Travel Australia Like a Rockstar – Multi-day Tour  

A spectacular 14-night odyssey that redefines experiential travel with this ultimate luxury ariel tour to explore the far reaches of Australia aboard your private Pilatus PC-12 aircraft. From the chic laneways of Melbourne, soar to the dramatic cliffs of Tasmania’s Freycinet Coast, then to the sacred Red Centre, where Australia’s heart beats strongest amidst the desert landscapes of Uluru. The adventure continues as you touch down in the wilds of the Top End, staying at a working cattle station where luxury meets frontier living. Glide up to the crystalline waters of the Great Barrier Reef, exploring the world beneath the waves. Finally, descend into Sydney’s bustling harbor, a cosmopolitan finish to a journey of unmatched splendour. This itinerary gives you access to the best Australia has to offer, all with the added luxury and ease of private air travel.  

Discover Tasmania – Day Tour  

Sweeping aerial of Wineglass Bay on the Freycinet Peninsula on Tasmania’s East Coast

See the best of Tasmania from the air with experienced pilots and guides aboard Par Avion. Soar between ochre granite mountain peaks in Freycinet National Park and over the iconic Wineglass Bay before flying through to Maria Island. Home to rare and endangered species such as the Tasmanian Devil, guests aboard Par Avion will land and walk through abundant bushland on their way to a sumptuous gourmet lunch of local Tasmanian seafood and wine, accompanied by knowledgeable guides. This tour will see you fly over Tasmania’s most photographed scenery and get up close and personal with some of the furry locals for a truly enriching experience in one of the most sought-after regions of Australia.  

Soar over South Australia – Multi-day Tour 

Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park natural amphitheatre

This multi-day tour offers an intimate aerial journey through the diverse landscapes of regional South Australia from Kangaroo Island to the Flinders Ranges. Starting with the Riverland’s serene waterways and gourmet local produce, travellers are immersed in the leisurely river life with activities like sunset cruises and nature walks, all from the luxurious base of The Frames in Paringa. The adventure unfolds further in the ancient Flinders Ranges, where guests can engage in stargazing and historical exploration from the comfort of Arkaba Conservancy. 

The vast outback of South Australia awaits next, revealing its deep Indigenous and colonial roots through air safaris and private cultural tours, visiting ancient sites and over sixty artesian springs on the western fringe of the Simpson Desert. The Desert Cave Hotel offers a unique stay in this lunar-like region. The Eyre Peninsula then dazzles with its natural beauty, where guests can interact with wildlife and savour the peninsula’s culinary richness from the stunning Kangaluna Camp or South Point Beach House.  

Iconic, community-spirited, all while sharing an intimate connection to its striking and unique environment, Kangaroo Island makes up the next leg of this journey. Explore the island’s wilderness, getting up close and personal with the wildlife in unmissable experiences intertwined with spectacular food, people and scenery. You’ll then make your way to the Coorong, where freshwater merges with saline before sighing out through the famed Murray River to the Southern Ocean. Embark on cruises, hosted meals and bushwalks to further explore and appreciate the region. Your final stop is in the Adelaide Hills, a menagerie of wineries, quaint country towns and picturesque gardens, just a 20-minute drive from downtown Adelaide and situated closely to the internationally acclaimed Barossa wine region. Each leg of this tour is a testament to South Australia’s natural grandeur and cultural depth.  

Great Ocean Road – Day Tour  

Great Ocean Road

A spectacular exploration of the famed Great Ocean Road from the seat of a private helicopter, this experience reveals the gems along one of Australia’s most iconic coastal drives. Fly over the Great Ocean Road to a beach and create a unique work of sand art using bare feet inspired by the surrounding land with a local and celebrated Aboriginal artist. Then, embark on an Australian bush safari with a local naturalist guide of the Tower Hill National Park to spot kangaroos, emus, and koalas in the wild, concluding with a scenic drive along Shipwreck Coast to the 12 Apostles before taking flight back to Melbourne.  

From the ancient rock art of Quinkan to thrilling helifishing adventures in Cape York and the natural splendours of Tasmania and South Australia, each tour highlights a different facet of Australia’s awe-inspiring landscapes and rich cultural heritage. Whether seeking a day escape or a multi-day expedition, these tours provide an unparalleled perspective of Australia, blending adventure with luxury and revealing the hidden beauty of this vast continent. 

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