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Top 6 Kangaroo Island Experiences

BLOG | Kangaroo Island sits as a sparkling jewel in South Australia’s crown, offering some of the best food and wine experiences alongside informative and remarkable wildlife encounters, natural marvels and adrenalin-pumping adventure.
Remarkable Rocks in Flinders Chase National Park from the ocean

With so much to enjoy in such a coveted location, it is no wonder that the island has received accolades from the New York Times and has recently been named the second must-visit region in the world for 2024 by Lonely Planet. Ideal for couples, families or friends, a trip to Kangaroo Island is a must on your next journey to Australia.


Group of Kangaroos - Exceptional Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island offers a wealth of incredible encounters with diverse wildlife beyond just kangaroos. Unique experiences with informative locals and experts mean that you are given access to some of the most coveted and unbelievable interactions the country has to offer. With more than a third of the island’s landmass reserved for wildlife conservation areas and national parks, the island is home to a large range of wildlife species and 260+ bird species. From swimming with dolphins to searching for echidnas among the undergrowth, discover what it is that makes Kangaroo Island one of the best nature sanctuaries in the country.

Exceptional Kangaroo Island

Specialising in small group and private touring with a range of day tours and multi-day itineraries, Exceptional Kangaroo Island offers holistic immersion into the memorable island experience. Discover the best spots to observe birds, marvel at Australia’s largest colony of fur seals at Admirals Arch, swim amongst curious and playful dolphins just off the coast or walk along the sand to admire Australia’s sea lion colony in the conservation area of Seal Bay.


Remarkable Rocks - Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island presents a rich tapestry of unique landscapes, each distinct in its allure. From the rugged cliffs that stand sentinel along the southern coastline, to the tranquil seclusion of its sandy beaches on the north of the island, each terrain offers a harmonious blend of terrains, encapsulating the island’s untouched beauty.

Flinders Chase National Park (EKI)

Flinders Chase National Park on Kangaroo Island unveils a canvas of nature’s exquisite formations. The Remarkable Rocks, a collection of naturally sculpted boulders perched atop a granite dome, are awe-inspiring in their surreal shapes and golden orange hues. Nearby, the Admirals Arch is another geological marvel, a weather-worn rock arch that stands as a sentinel overlooking a colony of long-nosed fur seals. Stop for lunch under the gumtrees and sip on afternoon cocktails perched atop clifftops overlooking the ocean with Exceptional Kangaroo Island. As visitors traverse the trails, the diverse landscapes and recovering ecosystems post the 2019-20 bushfires stand testament the island’s resilient narrative, making every step a journey through Australia’s rugged beauty.

Conservation in Action

Close-up of an echidna

Kangaroo Island is more than just a destination; it’s a bold statement of conservation and sustainable co-existence. The efforts to preserve and protect the rich biodiversity here are as inspiring as the natural splendour that surrounds. The conservation initiatives on the island provide a window into the delicate balance of nature and the measures taken to ensure its continuity. Through various programs, visitors can engage in meaningful experiences that underline the importance of conserving the natural world for generations to come.

Search for Echidnas alongside a celebrated echidna expert

Join a world-leading echidna ecologist on Kangaroo Island and get involved with a citizen science encounter to remember. Under her guidance, track echidnas and help connect a piece of their elusive puzzle, while learning about the natural ecology of the island with a local’s knowledge. This experience also provides a way to give back to the close-knit and tenacious Kangaroo Island community, contribute to ongoing ecological conservation efforts, and experience a unique wildlife encounter on your vacation.


Kangaroo Island Activities

The pulse of adventure beats strongly on Kangaroo Island, offering a thrilling contrast to its tranquil landscapes. Here, the sprawling sand dunes of Little Sahara beckon sandboarding enthusiasts, while the rugged trails entice with the promise of an exhilarating ATV or quad bike tour. Each turn unveils a new facet of the island’s wild beauty, ensuring an adrenaline-fueled exploration for those with a thirst for excitement.


One Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island offers a bespoke collection of luxury accommodation options, each unique in its essence, yet united in luxury and a deep reverence for the natural splendour surrounding them. From the modern, ecological designs to intimate, hosted retreats, the island’s lodgings provide a haven for those seeking both adventure and tranquillity. The following are two exemplary accommodations that epitomise the island’s luxurious embrace while offering diverse experiences to their esteemed guests.

Southern Ocean Lodge

Blending in with the secluded cliff face overlooking a rugged coastline as its backdrop, Southern Ocean Lodge is a world-renowned haven of serenity and untouched splendour. As it gears up to reopen its doors in December 2023, anticipation builds for the return of this luxurious retreat offering breathtaking vistas of the wild Southern Ocean retreat. The modern aesthetic, personalised services, and exceptional in-house culinary offerings craft an ambiance of relaxed sophistication, echoing the wild, unspoiled charm of the island.

One Kangaroo Island

One Kangaroo Island is a large, contemporary, hosted eco-retreat, found atop a dune and sitting between bush and a secluded beach on Kangaroo Island’s Dudley Peninsula. Calm, clear water from the sheltered bay it faces invites guests to take a swim whilst white sand laps at the feet of the house, urging guests to wander. Fully catered by experiences chefs, with a strong focus on artisan Kangaroo Island produce alongside a private bar and wine selection. Equipped with four ensuite bathrooms, two sitting areas, and multiple infinity decks with outdoor dining and entertaining areas, including a decadent outdoor bath and shower, there’s plenty of space to unwind before venturing out into the beautiful surrounds to snorkel, explore, and breathe in the tranquillity. 


Food and Wine in Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is not only a haven for nature enthusiasts, but also a gastronomic delight for the discerning palate. The island’s culinary scene is as diverse as its landscapes, offering a wealth of flavours from land and sea. The Fig Tree Gastronomo provides a culinary journey that mirrors the island’s natural bounty, dining beneath a 100-year-old fig tree on a menu that highlights the islands culinary splendour. The island’s unique Ligurian bee population contributes to the production of exquisite honey, a sweet testament to Kangaroo Island’s rich agricultural heritage. The waters around the island offer a wealth of seafood delights including fresh oysters, marron, abalone and King George whiting while the aromatic fields of lavender further enhance the island’s culinary palette, infusing a touch of floral elegance to the gastronomic experience.

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