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Tasmania’s Wilderness Itinerary by Angelica

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BLOG | As part of our Innovative Itineraries series, this itinerary was created by Travel Designer Angelica Aidone. Delve into Tasmania’s depths and discover a blend of nature, culture, and luxury at the last stop before Antarctica.

At a Glance

This customised journey was created by one of our Travel Designers, Angelica Aidone, for two Australian friends seeking an active, action-packed itinerary around Australia’s island state lutruwita / Tasmania, beginning and ending in the capital city Hobart. Angelica’s love for Tasmania is threaded throughout this itinerary with her comprehensive knowledge of the region’s icons and hidden gems.

Angelica’s journey shines with its encompassing of different interests, bound together with exceptional dining and local produce offerings in each region, creating adventure-filled days followed by luxurious evenings. With the flexibility provided by self-driving between destinations, guests are able to bypass rigid schedules, ensuring this action-packed journey offers full exploration of each major region at their own pace.

Resting off the southern coast of mainland Australia, Tasmania’s geographic isolation, natural beauty, exceptional produce and cultural experimentation make it an intriguing and popular destination, while boasting some of the cleanest air in the world from its expansive spread of national parks and wilderness area.

Venture into the culturally rich southern reaches of Australia with this custom-made itinerary, taking you to each coast with exceptional offerings in-between.

“It’s pretty incredible that you can be 15 minutes from Hobart’s city centre and be completely immersed in nature!”

Destination 1:


Welcome to Australia’s most southern and least populated capital city, Hobart. Placed where water and earth meet, the enormous peak of kunanyi / Mount Wellington forms the backdrop of this harbour city, which rests upon the second deepest natural port in the world. Hobart has blossomed from a seaport town into a thriving, quirky city where the historic and experimental meet.

Over the next five nights, you’ll stay at MACq 01. Perched upon Hobart’s historic wharf, this boutique hotel’s design is inspired by Tasmanian characters and traits, and showcases the rich stories of the region itself, its history, and its characters. With luxury amenities, central location and five-star service, it is both the perfect place to rest after days of exploration, while welcoming and invigorating your imagination to the island’s story and song.

Hobart offers plenty to explore, while also operating as an accessible launch-pad into the greater region. A range of customisable tours led by passionate local guides will introduce you to the capital hub and surrounding areas, combined with non-scheduled time to explore or to revisit areas that captive your senses. In Hobart itself, explore charming boroughs, wander through street markets, and enjoy an extended visit to controversial and intriguing art gallery MONA with the assistance of a private concierge. Experience your first brushes with some of Tasmania’s exceptional local produce to the north at The Agrarian Kitchen for an exceptional homegrown two-course meal, and to the south to visit the Huon Valley’s myriad makers of fruits, wines, ciders, dairy products, oysters, and whiskeys. Hikers of all levels will enjoy scenic routes: up kunanyi / Mount Wellington, farming Hobart city itself; up the ‘Neck’ of Bruny Island for panoramic views; rugged coastal walks at Tessellated Pavements, and Waterfall Bay at Port Arthur’s Eaglehawk Neck. With additional convict history tours and visits to Tasmanian Devil sanctuaries on the eastern peninsula at Port Arthur, there’s no shortage of uniquely Tasmanian experiences to set the pace and tone for the rest of your journey.

Having developed a taste for what’s on offer, your Tasmanian adventure continues after departing Hobart, as waterfront harbour will give way to a wilderness of ancient Huon pine.

Destination 1: Hobart has accommodation for five nights at MACq 01 Hotel in a Superior Waterfront Room.

Destination 2:


Tasmania’s west coast is rich in rugged wilderness, with penal, mining and environmental histories that radiate throughout the region. The spectacular scenery, remote tranquillity, and deep history of this space make it one of Australia’s finest wilderness frontiers.

Strahan is the western launchpad for the UNESCO Tasmania Wilderness World Heritage Area and the largest coastal town in the region. With a fascinating, dark convict past teamed with tranquil views upon the waterfront, the charming cottages and terraces of your accommodation at Strahan Village tell historic tales of miners, piners, fishermen and their families, making it the perfect place to relax in luxury after adventuring outdoors.  

At a dock upon the in-land Macquarie Harbour, embark upon a Gordon River Cruise. Taste Tasmania’s crisp, clean air and head south into wilderness to learn about the history and land, while enjoying fine dining, crystal-clear river reflections and spectacular views down the winding Gordon River from the Captain’s Premium Upper Deck. Your dedicated guide will share their knowledge, and you’ll never miss a moment with floor to ceiling windows providing exceptional views. This comprehensive tour will take you to fish farms, explore the ruins of notorious convict settlement Sarah Island, and sail to the mouth of the Gordon River while effortlessly gliding through quiet river reaches in comfortable luxury.

Careening inland away from the currents of the Southern Ocean, you’ll head overland to the northern edge of the Tasmanian World Heritage Wilderness Area to one of the region’s best-known conservation areas: the exceptionally beautiful and renowned hiking spot, Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park.

Destination 2: Strahan has accommodation for two nights at Strahan Village in a Village Waterfront Executive Spa.

Destination 3:

Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park

Upon the northern boundary of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park is home to world-famous hiking trails and peaks, nestled within spectacular scenery of craggy mountains, ancient and dense rainforest, alpine heaths, and cascading rivers.

Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge is a luxury escape nestled within this magical hinterland, while birds and plants teem in ancient forest just outside your window. Designed to foster respite after a day of hiking, this lodge offers a diverse range of dining options ranging from high-end to rustic, several magical spots to enjoy a warming nightcap, and treatments at their rejuvenating Alpine Spa. Characterised with roaring log fires, pub games, and serene boardwalks perfect for stargazing and wildlife spotting, there are alpine comforts abound—all under the jewel-tone blanket of Aurora Australis illuminating the night sky with lights of green, blue, purple, and red.  

Drawing walkers and hikers all year around, outdoors lovers will thrive in this dynamic, ever-changing environment. An enormous range of walks are on offer: take the arduous and rewarding climb up to the Cradle Mountain summit past Marion’s Lookout to enjoy breathtaking views over Crater Lake; trace the gentle loop of the tranquil Dove Lake; or watch adventurers embark down the opening duckboard steps of the world-famous Overland Track, leading them for six days through the diverse terrains of the Wilderness World Heritage Area. As a significant habitat for Tasmania’s endemic species, Cradle Mountain is a nature-lover’s paradise, and is a must-visit for those who love the great outdoors.

Embrace the remote at the foot of this exceptional mountain before continuing onto Tasmania’s second-largest town, Launceston.

Destination 3: Cradle Mountain has accommodation for two nights at Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge in a Contemporary Spa Cabin.

Destination 4:


Tucked at the intersection of the North and South Esk rivers where they merge into the kanamaluka / River Tamar, Launceston is one of the oldest cities in all of Australia’s history and the hub of Tasmania’s north. Four distinct seasons and a range of historic, artistic, and fascinating offerings make it a fascinating base from which to explore the north-east, where walking and bike trails fringe agricultural and forestry towns, and wildlife amble throughout the landscape along to the coast.

A stylish contemporary waterfront hotel and sister hotel of your last stop, Peppers Seaport delivers relaxation upon the marina in the heart of Launceston. Peppers has vibrant food, wine, cultural and nature options all within walking distance, while delivering respite after long days of adventuring.  

Launching into the surrounding landscape, you’ll be accompanied through the north-east with expert local hosts. Visit one of the world’s most beautiful beaches at larapuna / Bay of Fires, and traverse its endless white sand beaches, exceptional oysters, walking trails, pristine sand, and lichen-covered granite rocks. Warm yourself in afternoon sun as you explore Bridestowe Lavender Estate’s sprawling 260 acres of private-owned lavender farm with rows of purple alongside native vegetation, keeping your eyes peeled for wildlife wandering throughout the plantation. In the evening, venture to the spectacular mountains of dolerite columns and scree slopes of Ben Lomond National Park to meet with the team at Pepper Bush Adventures, and join what is largely considered one of Australia’s finest nature experiences—the Quoll Patrol, an after-dark extravaganza of wilderness, wildlife, and quality dining. Get close with Eastern quolls, pademelons, Bennett’s wallabies, wombats, and brush-tail possums as owls, bandicoots, and tawny frogmouths watch nearby, accompanied with a four-course Tasmanian campfire experience.

Departing Launceston after three nights, you’ll curve eastward to your final destination, one of the world’s finest luxury lodges—Saffire Freycinet, the gem of Coles Bay. Saffire’s reputation precedes itself and will invite you into one of Tasmania’s most sought-out regions in absolute luxury.

Destination 4: Launceston has accommodation for three nights at Peppers Seaport Hotel in a River View Suite.

Destination 5:

Freycinet National Park

Pink granite mountains, pristine white beaches, and tranquil blue waters form the backdrop of Freycinet National Park. A hikers and birdwatchers paradise, and home to the exceptional Wineglass Bay beach and lookout, this national park is a travellers’ favourite and the perfect final destination for a round-Tasmanian trip.

Widely regarded as one of the finest luxury lodges in the world, Saffire Freycinet is an ultra-modern, 20-suite luxury resort resting in the Coles Bay Conservation Area, overlooking the Hazards Mountains, the curve of the Freycinet Peninsula, and the pristine waters of Oyster Bay. With bold architecture shaped like a sting ray, delicious food, and a range of outdoor pursuits, this exclusive property delivers five-star luxury within the nature-abundant Freycinet National Park.

The lodge offers a range of free activities to fill your days, including guided walks, mountain biking and kayaking, or functions as the perfect landing space after spending your days in the great outdoors. Your evenings will offer a smorgasbord of fine dining, including exceptional oysters and sundowners overlooking the coast, luxurious spa treatments, and relaxing luxuriously-appointed suites. Whether inside or out, Saffire fully immerses its guests into stunning Freycinet.

Three nights in absolute luxury will ease you into the finale to your trip, with one last adventure on Maria Island on a private, customised e-bike adventure, using pedal-assisted electric mountain bikes. Explore the wildlife, beaches, and cultural stories of Maria Island National Park—venture to the isthmus of the island, and traverse the circuit of Point Lesueur, with the return through Darlington to share stories of Australia’s convict past with one final outdoor experience.

Your arrival back in Hobart will close your journey’s circuit, and certainly raise the question of whether to depart for home, or head onwards the next destination.

Destination 5: Freycinet has accommodation for three nights at Saffire Freycinet in a Luxury Suite.

Why do you love this itinerary?

“I loved putting this together—Tasmania has everything! Amazing food and produce, wineries and distilleries, stunning scenery and landscape, nature, wildlife, adventure, art, culture and history. I think Tassie has some of the best restaurants and produce in Australia—they’re sophisticated and charming but without pretention. Because Tasmania has so much to offer, I think this itinerary is especially great as it can be altered to suit anyone interests!”

Where to next?

The island state resting between misty skies, lush vegetation, and rugged coastline, Tasmania’s magic is encapsulated in mystery and beauty. Rich with history and abundant with stories, Tasmania is a striking destination with an enormous diversity of experiences and environments, making it popular amongst all kinds of travellers.

Which is your favourite Tasmanian region? Where would you like to travel? Be sure to let us know.

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