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BLOG | Celebrating our Top 7 Australian luxury eco-heroes. Their passion for preserving our country has created exceptionally valuable and important experiences, that we are proud to support.
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At The Tailor, we understand the importance of practicing eco-friendly and environmentally conscious tourism. This beautiful planet of ours is unbelievably special, and to put it simply, it’s home.

Did you know that Australia currently ranks highly amongst the top countries with the highest Environmental Performance Index, ranking 1st in marine protection? To celebrate, we’ve decided to highlight some of our favourite Australian luxury eco-heroes, who are all doing their bit to preserve and protect our unique wildlife and landscapes.

Botanical Ark, Daintree Rainforest

The Botanical Ark, Daintree Forest

Resting on the edge of the World Heritage-listed Daintree Rainforest, the Botanical Ark houses the largest collection of tropical ethno-botanical (edible) plants found on Earth. Run by husband-wife duo Alan and Susan Carle, the passionate conservationists have spent more than forty years researching and collecting tropical plant species from across the world to unlock the nutritional secrets of the jungle. These plants took the form of food, spices, shelter, medicines, cosmetics, fibres, oils and so much more.

Their work has provided immeasurable insights into environmental and cultural factors that can lead to humankind living in better harmony with their environment. Botanical Ark promotes the belief that people can co-exist with rainforests and contribute to a positive environmental impact on the planet, raising much needed awareness in the value of biodiversity, especially to people.

Embark on a private tour of the gardens to see some of the 2,000 species of tropical plants thriving in this sanctuary and hear about the Carle’s lifework protecting rainforest plant species and sample some of the produce from this living Garden of Eden.

This profound and interactive experience allows you to truly immerse yourself in nature, bringing with it a true appreciation of the value of tropical forests, and the environment as a whole.


Arkaba, Flinders Ranges

Fully-hosted fully-guided experience with Paul Bester, Arkaba, Flinders Ranges

Acquired by Wild Bush Luxury in 2009, Arkaba in South Australia’s rugged Flinders Ranges was once an active sheep farm, but is now a dedicated private wildlife conservancy.

A truly diverse property with an array of unique and authentic outback experiences available. Enjoy the warming hospitality in the rustic stone homestead and explore the distinctively rugged landscape of the Ikara-Flinders Ranges. Uncover the rich history to be found in this part of South Australia and learn the struggles of the first inhabitants and the early settlers.

Arkaba are true innovators and appreciators of conservation, as a Fellow Member of the Long Run community they are committed to achieving true sustainability through conservation, community, culture and commerce. Dedicated to eradicating feral wildlife species and focussed on delivering a successful conservation program across the property, Arkaba have worked tirelessly to reverse the environmental impacts of 150 years of livestock grazing. Appreciate this property for what it is, an environmentally conscious, adventurer’s delight.


Exceptional Kangaroo Island

Exceptional Kangaroo Island

A luxury tour company located on Kangaroo Island, Exceptional Kangaroo Island engages a collaborative approach with local operators, artists, and food and wine producers to deliver island experiences that are, well, exceptional.

Exceptional Kangaroo Island embraces the philosophy of “shared space,” where both creatures and explorers thrive side by side. With an unwavering commitment to ethical practices, their luxury tours redefine wildlife encounters. Without disturbing the sanctity of the wild, they celebrate the art of observation, not interaction. By refraining from feeding or handling wild animals, they champion a harmonious coexistence that protects the island’s natural heritage.

A meticulously crafted Code of Practice underscores their dedication to sustainable wildlife interactions. Upholding this commitment, they’ve earned the revered Advanced Ecotourism Certification from Ecotourism Australia. This milestone marks more than two decades of continuous improvement, a journey that enriches their sustainability efforts, ensuring every step taken on this extraordinary island is one of respect and preservation.

Bullo River Station

Heli Touring - Bullo River Station

Set on 400,000 acres of privately owned land at the convergence of the Bullo and Victoria Rivers, Bullo River Station is a working cattle station in the Northern Territory offering an authentic cattle station experience in the Australian outback.

Bullo River Station embraces an ethos of balance, underpinned by three fundamental pillars. Conservation is paramount, ensuring the vibrancy of the land’s biodiversity aligns seamlessly with the operation of a low-impact tourism haven. Regeneration breathes life into their working cattle station, nurturing a landscape that thrives. Culture and Experience intertwine, creating immersive encounters that weave food, land, and tradition into a tapestry of life-changing moments.

Collaborating with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC), the station’s land-use philosophy converges with AWC’s pragmatic approach to conservation. Scientific monitoring, habitat restoration, and innovative strategies to manage fire, feral animals, and weeds herald a landscape rejuvenation. AWC’s efforts have unlocked the resurgence of wildlife, from marsupials to avian wonders, celebrating the delicate intricacies of life in the savanna.

Capella, Lord Howe

Capella, Lord Howe

Situated in pure paradise on Lord Howe Island, an 11-kilometre (6.8 mile) UNESCO World Heritage island northeast of Sydney, Capella offers itself as a luxury basecamp within the towering mountain ridges, subtropical forests and white-sanded beaches. As part of the Baillie Lodges collection, Capella stands as a testament to environmentally sustainable luxury, fostering a symbiotic relationship between sophistication and ecological stewardship.

Capella Lodge embraces a holistic approach to conservation, meticulously nurturing Lord Howe Island’s unique ecosystem. Through collaborative efforts with the Lord Howe Island Board, Capella Lodge safeguards the island’s biodiversity by adhering to comprehensive environmental management policies. A commitment to habitat restoration is reflected in ongoing revegetation initiatives on the two acres of land surrounding Capella Lodge, showcasing endemic species such as Kentia Palms and native vegetation that prevent erosion and strengthen the island’s ecological fabric.

Architectural designs maximise natural weather patterns to ensure a seamless integration with the island’s climate, reducing the need for air conditioning. Solar power and renewable energy sources power the lodge’s operations, minimising its impact on the island’s resources. Capella’s environmental consciousness extends to waste management, water conservation, and guest amenities presented in refillable water bottles, refillable toiletry vessels, and the elimination of single use drinking straws in the Island’s bars and restaurants.

Echidna Walkabout

Echidna Walkabout tours

With a commitment rooted in conservation, Echidna Walkabout Tours curates journeys that immerse travellers in the heart of nature while safeguarding its delicate balance. The mission goes beyond travel; it’s about forging connections with the wild, fostering understanding, and nurturing the land they traverse.

Located on an exclusive 14.5-hectare wildlife haven situated within the Brisbane Ranges, this cherished habitat echos with the melodies of native wildlife. Here, travellers will spot kangaroos, wallabies, and elusive koalas, all within an ecosystem passionately nurtured by the Echidna Walkabout team. Through reforestation, regenerative practices, and habitat enrichment, they are stitching together threads of nature’s tapestry for generations to come.

Echidna Walkabout Tours ensure that every step reverberates with conservation. Their tours transcend sightseeing, empowering travellers to contribute to the environment they adore. With each journey, participants become guardians of nature – restoring habitats, removing invasive species, and embarking on quests that ripple into powerful conservation action.

Inala Tours

Orange-bellied Parrot, Credit Inala Tours

Guided by the vision of Dr. Tonia Cochran, the founder of the Inala Foundation, Inala Tours is a family owned and operated birding and wildlife touring organisation operating in their 1,500-acre private reserve on Bruny Island, Tasmania. The tours encapsulate a commitment to protecting and preserving critical habitats on the island, as well as running tours across other landscapes of Australia.

Inala Tours stands as a beacon of conservation, with the Inala Foundation at its core. Driven by a profound commitment to healing and renewal, the foundation’s wildlife carers provide shelter for orphaned animals in need. Simultaneously, native habitats are regenerated through the removal of invasive weeds and the restoration of indigenous plant species.

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