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Nurture Your Wellbeing in Australia – Top Destinations and Experiences to Disconnect, Rest and Rejuvenate

ARTICLE | With wellness becoming a key aspect of travellers’ journeys, we’ve collated some of the best places in Australia you can disconnect, rest and rejuvenate.
Aerial view of Haggerstone Island

Wellness travel has changed significantly over recent years, shifting the focus from traditional spa treatments and extending to experiences designed to enhance a traveller’s mental and physical wellbeing. This includes reconnecting with loved ones and nature, active pursuits designed to extend the body and mind, and nourishing food-oriented experiences. 

Incorporating wellness travel into your luxury Australian journey is easy. To show how simple it is, we have put together a list of our favourite destinations and experiences that we know will challenge, excite and nurture your wellbeing throughout your time in Australia.

Reconnecting in Nature

In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, it’s easy to lose sight of the simple joys and connections that truly matter. Yet, amidst the hustle and bustle, Australia’s remote wilderness sanctuaries provide a place to escape the constant buzz of notifications and emails, and instead, immerse yourself in the restorative embrace of nature. Here, time seems to slow down, allowing you to rediscover the profound beauty of the natural world and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones in a meaningful way.

Haggerstone Island, Queensland

Aerial view of Haggerstone Island, Queensland

Haggerstone Island, a lush paradise made up of 42-hectares of uninhabited island, is only accessible by chartered aircraft and a boat ride. The remote setting is surrounded by abundant green jungle, ivory sand beaches and azure lagoons. Buildings resemble Thai-style structures, built with open sides, wide verandas and soft-edged wood designed to ground you in your surroundings and make nature the focus. Haggerstone Island is an incredibly special place at the heart of one of Australia’s most sought-after destinations, the Great Barrier Reef.

The island is so remote it doesn’t receive phone service, giving you the chance to enjoy uninterrupted time with your loved ones. Explore the island by foot, viewing the prolific birdlife, or spend your days diving, snorkelling and fishing in the clear water lagoons. Occupy your evenings relaxing in your private beach hut, relishing the ocean breeze or enrich the body and soul with a nourishing meal featuring produce that is either caught fresh on the island or picked from their carefully curated kitchen garden.

Bullo River Station, Northern Territory

Bullo River Station

A 500,000-acre working cattle property located in the Northern Territory, Bullo River Station offers guests an off-grid experience with a focus on outdoor activities designed to remove them from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Rich in native fauna, with exceptional untouched private wilderness, Bullo is a wonderfully wild adventure for the discerning traveller looking for a change of pace.

Four-wheel-drive safaris, horse riding and helicopter rides allow you to appreciate the vast ruggedness of the outback landscape by land and air. Discover remote waterfalls and ancient indigenous artwork through your explorations and learn from locals who hold a deep connection to the land. At night, revel in the lights of the Milky Way overhead and enjoy the sounds of the surrounding wildlife.

Venture North, Northern Territory

Ancient Aboriginal rock art on a cliff overhang in Arnhem Land

Venture North specialise in off-the-beaten-track journeys through the Northern Territory. Their access to remote locations and close relationships with the local Indigenous people make for a very memorable safari experience. Venture North tours promote rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul, visit remote locations to learn how spirituality guides the local Indigenous Culture.

Their signature adventure explores Arnhem Land, one of the largest parcels of Aboriginal-owned land in Australia with only a few select guides granted access to this area. Home to rugged coastlines, coral filled seas, vast floodplains and rocky escarpments, Arnhem Land is a vast and culturally rich area known for its strong Indigenous Culture, and significant environmental and archaeological sites. Stay at a specially built safari-style camp and relax cliff-side overlooking a glassy blue ocean surrounded by burnt orange cliffs. When you aren’t soaking in the hospitality of the camp, your guide will have you exploring Arnhem Land and surrounds, fishing, and learning about the local Indigenous people, as well as the tribulations of the attempted settlement by the early Europeans.

Engaging in Active Pursuits

It is not hard to see how maintaining an active lifestyle and wellness are aligned. Engaging in active pursuits not only benefits our mental wellbeing, but also comes with a vast array of physical and longevity benefits. Escape the deskwork of a 9-5 and explore Australia’s vast regions filled with challenge and adventure for those keen for fresh air in their lungs and dirt beneath their soles.

James Castrission and the Blue Mountains, New South Wales

James Castrission standing with two abseilers

Having kayaked from Australia to New Zealand unassisted, with his close friend Jonesy, James Castrission knows a thing or two about challenges. Battling sleep and food deprivation, howling winds and 10 metre swells, the duo were the first people to ever accomplish this feat. Now, James creates adventure-oriented experiences for The Tailor in the magnificent Blue Mountains.

From the thrilling descent of abseiling to tracing the rugged trails on a bush hike and abseiling down dramatic cliff faces and majestic waterfalls, each moment is a beat in your exhilarating dialogue with nature. As night descends, retreat to the warm embrace of a luxury camp amidst the serene wilderness. Here, beneath a canopy of twinkling stars, the day’s adventures morph into tales around the campfire. This isn’t just an expedition; it is your personal narrative of courage, discovery, and untamed joy, penned in the heart of Australia’s wilderness.

This journey is sure to test both mind and body, but with James on hand to guide and encourage you through every step, every activity conquered will leave you feeling re-invigorated and re-energised.

Walking & Hiking, Australia

Arkaba Walk

Australia has an astonishing range of walking and hiking experiences, designed to explore the country’s varying landscapes. From the rugged expanses of the Flinders Ranges, and the orange-hued banks of the gorgeous Murray River, to the pure untouched scenery found around Tasmania, this is a wonderfully freeing way to experience our country.

Climb the dramatic cliffs of the Tasmanian Peninsula on multi-day journeys through the state’s pristine wilderness. Experience the ocean-cool air of the Three Capes Signature walk, mapped to combine some of the best Tasmanian vistas with the comfort of local lodges. Or venture out to the red-dirt landscapes of the ancient Flinders Ranges in South Australia’s outback. The Arkaba Walk is a three-day hike that immerses you in the tales of the land on the property’s private nature conservancy. Abundant wildlife and spectacular scenery will greet you as you explore creek beds, sandstone bluffs and open hill country on this 28-mile (45-kilometre) hike.

Whether you are looking to really push yourself or just enjoy spending time outdoors surrounded by beautiful scenery, there is something to suit everyone.

Fresh & Healthy food experiences

In the age of fast food, chemically altered produce and hormone infused meat, there is little doubt on the benefit of focusing on organic, locally grown and fresh produce when travelling. In fact, food is one of the main driving forces behind travel. The stomach is also often referred to as the ‘second brain’, with what we put into it having a large correlation to our moods and attitudes. Australia is filled with incredible dining and culinary options, from farm-to-table properties promoting a holistic and sustainable way of dining to locally caught seafood, allowing you the freshest opportunities for dining on delicacies found on land and sea.

Hutton Vale Farm, South Australia

Operated by sixth generation Barossan farmers, John and Jan Angas, Hutton Vale Farm is a historic rural property located in the iconic Barossa Valley. The property is set amongst rolling green hills and is celebrated for its fine wool, free-range lamb and pork, and artisan pickles and preserves.

John and Jan have generously opened the doors to their property, exclusively providing guests travelling with The Tailor with a hands-on introduction to life on the land. Enjoy an early morning walk around the property breathing in the fresh country air, learning the ways of farming life and tasting Hutton Vale’s award-winning wines. Jan is a talented cook and will prepare a scrumptious farmhouse lunch, using the nourishing produce grown on the property.

This paddock-to-plate journey ensures you receive a true end-to-end experience, to appreciate the care and the time taken by artisan farmers to produce award-winning goods. With true country hospitality making you feel welcome, and a hearty lunch filled with delicious, healthy comfort food, Hutton Vale Farm will leave you feeling relaxed and content.

Australian Coastal Safaris, South Australia

Australian Coastal Safaris, aerial view

The Eyre Peninsula is home to some of the world’s best seafood, and local tour company Australian Coastal Safaris invite you to experience it through their eyes (or tastebuds). Owned and operated by local guide David ‘Lunch’ Doudle, Australian Coastal Safaris proudly highlight the world-class produce found within the region.

Try your hand at fishing on one of the pristine beaches surrounding Port Lincoln, or perhaps throw out a lobster pot to try your luck. Don a pair of waders and head out into the cool southern waters at a local Oyster Farm to sample produce directly from the ocean. Or spend an evening with a private local chef, enjoying the best seafood masterclass Australia has to offer.

Agrarian Kitchen, Tasmania

The Agrarian Kitchen

Established by Rodney Dunn and his wife Séverine Demanet in 2007, The Agrarian Kitchen is a farm-based cooking school located in Tasmania’s Derwent Valley. Set on five acres, Rodney and Séverine operate a working farm incorporating a variety of animals and an extensive vegetable garden, orchard, berry patch and herb garden that have been grown utilising organic principles.

Supported by a variety of local cooks and artisan food producers, The Agrarian Kitchen provides exceptional cooking classes. Committed to reconnecting the kitchen and the land, Rodney has worked to create a space where you can rediscover the simple pleasures of gathering produce and turning it into something delicious.

Incorporating these experiences into your Australian journey offers an enriching and transformative opportunity. From active pursuits that challenge the body and mind to serene encounters with nature, our selection of destinations and experiences promise to not just rejuvenate, but also deeply inspire.

Whether it’s through nourishing culinary adventures or reconnecting with the world around you, these Australian escapes are more than just a break from the routine; they are a gateway to enhancing your overall wellbeing.

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