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25 Incredible Australian Experiences

BLOG | Celebrating a quarter-century of curating some of the most memorable Australian adventures, The Tailor is pleased to reveal our 25 most incredible Australian experiences.
haggerstone island aerial shot of island

From ancient rock art experienced from a private cruise of the rugged Kimberly coastline, a modern-day Garden of Eden in the tropical beauty of Far North Queensland, to a private island perfect for exploring the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, these experiences not only epitomise experiential luxury travel, but also bring travellers closer to the heart and soul of real Australia.   

1. Rent Your Own Private Island on the Great Barrier Reef 

Snorkellers above a colourful coral reef.

    Explore one of the world’s most abundant sources of diverse and unique marine life from the secluded shores of your own private island in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. Relax in the tranquillity of barefoot luxury at Haggerstone Island across 42-hectares of lush jungle, white-sand beaches and blue lagoons set aside for just 12 guests at a time. Fishing is bountiful, birdlife is prolific, and snorkelling can be done straight from the beach, courtesy of two clear water lagoons teaming with colourful coral gardens. Or indulge in the epitome of reef luxury on Pelorus, a 400-hectare private island of pristine, virgin habitat in the Great Palm archipelago. Surrounded by clear, shallow waters fringed by reefs, the sprawling island residence offers four luxury suites, fine dining and personalised service. Snorkel metres from the coastline, set off on a dive expedition to witness the Museum of Underwater Art or discover Jurassic-like Hinchinbrook Island

    2. Private Yacht Cruise of the Kimberly Coastline 

    True North vessel within two steep gorges in the Kimberley, Western Australia, at golden hour

    Spread across a vast stretch of north-western Australia, the Kimberley is a panorama of rugged cliff faces, coastal gorges, and majestic waterfalls. Aboard smaller, purpose-built vessels able to access what larger ships cannot, traversing through the myriad of waterways that litter the landscape, guests aboard these private cruises have the incredible opportunity to not only explore a labyrinth of 2,500+ coastal islands and get within metres of colossal waterfalls cascading down towering clifftops, but also discover the Gwion Gwion and Wandjina rock art, dated around 12,000 years old. Back aboard your private vessel, evening cocktails and an indulgent meal awaits as you watch the sun dip below the horizon.  

    3. Australian Air Safari   

    Stitching together the most remote regions of Australia with The Tailor’s exclusive use of a Pilatus PC-12 private aircraft, immerse yourself in the extraordinarily diverse landscapes of Australia to discover hidden gems on an off-the-beaten-track ariel adventure. Travelling from Ningaloo Reef to observe the home of the elusive whale shark, journeying through rugged Kimberley region and Top End, one of the last true frontiers of Australia, to the world’s oldest rainforest, the Daintree in Tropical North Queensland. Dive into the turquoise waters of the Great Barrier Reef before heading to the cultural heart of Australia in the Red Centre and finish your ariel expedition in the ancient Flinders Ranges to look for fossils of the oldest known life forms on Earth. This experience seamlessly connects guests to a variety of far-flung locales, enabling them to fully appreciate each destination while traveling in the comfort of a private aircraft.   

    4. Top End Safari to Arnhem Land and Kimberley 

    Ancient Aboriginal rock art on a cliff overhang in Arnhem Land.

    Embarking on a multi-day Top End Safari unfolds the diverse tapestry of Australia’s northern frontier, from the rich Aboriginal heritage in Arnhem Land to the rugged wilderness of the Kimberley. In Arnhem Land, lily-covered billabongs and waterways teem with birdlife, crocodiles and barramundi alongside rocky escarpments hiding ancient Aboriginal rock art in once-inhabited caves and shelters, where the history of the region is vividly depicted in ochre paintings. Travel across red dirt and untouched wilderness to the Kimberley and explore hidden canals, scenic waterways and caves thousands of years old to gaze in wonder at rock art telling the history of the first Australians. During this safari, stay in some of the best outback luxury accommodation, like El Questro, Bullo River Station or Finniss River Lodge. This journey frames Australia in its most recognised form – ochre sands, incredible landscapes, unique wildlife encounters and Aboriginal heritage.  

    5. Australian Coastal Safari of Eyre Peninsula 

    Australian Coastal Safaris

    A coastal safari of the ruggedly beautiful Eyre Peninsula in South Australia run by a gregarious local known as ‘Lunch’, who exhibits all the quintessential traits Australians are known for the world over, is your gateway to the adventure frontier of Australia. Those lucky enough to tour with Lunch will meet wild koalas at a location where they are quite literally at eye level, hunt and gather seafood for a beach BBQ, swim with Australian sealions in secluded bays, roam over massive sand dunes and rugged clifftops to discover secret locations only known by locals. Australian Coastal Safaris brings guests into the soul of this wild region with walks along the longest unbroken sea cliffs in the world for bush trekking and whale spotting along the Head of the Bight. Inland, journey to the Gawler Ranges, observing dramatic rock formations formed more than 1.5 billion years ago dubbed the ‘Organ Pipes’ due to their unique structure. Meet with knowledgeable locals and experience first-hand what makes the Eyre Peninsula a true hidden gem.  

    6. Stay on an Enormous Outback Station 

    A time-honoured Australian experience where guests immerse themselves in the bona fide lifestyle of an Australian stockman (cowboy), witnessing life on an active station (ranch) – with some encompassing lands up to 400 acres in size. As a key aspect of Australia’s national identity and outback history, experience privileged access to the many outback stations spread across the country, each offering a unique landscape to explore. For remote gorges, lively waterways, barramundi fishing and exclusive access to Aboriginal rock art in the surrounding cliffs, Bullo River Station in the Northern Territory offers an authentic cattle station experience. Similarly, visitors to Finniss River Lodge in the Top End can explore vast costal flood plains and traverse diverse landscapes by airboat, ATV and 4×4 vehicles spotting crocodiles, magnetic termite mounds and a plethora of amazing birdlife that live on the plains while immersing themselves on a working cattle ranch.  

    Landscape shot of Arkaba Homestead in the Flinders Ranges at dusk with the mountain range lit up in orange hues

    In Queensland, visitors to Mount Mulligan can relax in front of an expansive lagoon fit for fishing, kayaking or boating before exploring the ironbark-studded mountains via ATV to learn about the region’s gold rush and copper mining history. For an experience on a sheep station steeped in colonial history, Arkaba Conservancy in the ancient Flinders Ranges offers vast wilderness areas of rocky creeks, rugged deserts and dramatic gorges surrounding a historical homestead, where Australian pastoral history and modern conservation efforts intertwin. A visit to an Australian station offers a unique sense of space, privileged access to land and incomparable stargazing opportunities, no matter where in the country you choose to travel to.  

    7. Sydney VIP 

    Sydney Harbour Bridge - City Skyline at night

    Discover one of Australia’s most iconic destinations in VIP style with exclusive access to the city’s hottest attractions such as an after-hour’s look at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, personal surf lessons on iconic Bondi Beach, a private tour in the underbelly of the Sydney Opera House or the best table at the city’s most popular restaurant, all with an incredibly knowledgeable guide to tailor your perfect journey. Guests can spend the day on the harbour, exploring local fish markets and swimming in hidden coves, or get an exclusive look behind the scenes at the Paspaley Pearls showroom, a staple Australian luxury commodity and crème de la crème of pearls across the globe due to their high quality and value. Staying in luxury suites within Capella Sydney, Crown Towers Sydney or the Park Hyatt, Sydney’s secrets are on display, ready to enthral and impress even the most discerning traveller.  

    8. Kangaroo Island Wildlife Safari 

    Close-up of an echidna

    Untouched wilderness, diverse landscapes and incredible wildlife encounters await on Kangaroo Island in South Australia. Join specialist guides in unforgettable adventures, trekking through bushland to learn about echidna conservation with celebrated echidna expert or traversing the unique island landscapes with former wildlife ranger. From pop up meals under gumtrees, indulging in locally sourced produce farmed off the island, to staying at the newly reopened Southern Ocean Lodge for a slice of indulgence on the beautifully wild coast, the island offers an array of unbelievable encounters to reinvigorate the soul.   

    9. Private Yacht on the Great Barrier Reef 

    Aroona Luxury Boat Charters anchored on the Great Barrier Reef alongside corals with guests paragliding

    Celebrated as one of the world’s most extraordinary natural wonders, set sail on the Great Barrier Reef aboard your own private yacht to navigate through the treasures of this underwater haven. Coast past Rain Island – the largest turtle rookery in the world, and swim, dive or snorkel among the colourful coral gardens along the reef shelf. Select from an array of luxury vessels best suited to your needs such as Aroona, a boutique-sized vessel designed to get in as close as possible to the stunning marine life. Staffed with incredible and knowledgeable team, including a marine biologist, the captain has sailed for the likes of Sir David Attenborough and specialises in small-group journeys into the Great Barrier Reef.  

    10. Expedition to Tasmania 

    Boardwalk surrounded by scrub leading to the Barn Bluff on the Cradle Mountain Overland Track in Tasmania

    Celebrated as a destination boasting some of the best natural scenery, unique wildlife and the cleanest air in the world, exploring this incredibly lush landscape is a must for any visitor to Australia. One of the best hiking destinations in the country, guests to Tasmania can drive, sail or walk to some of incredible hikes that the state offers overlooking stark cliffs, mountain ranges and untouched wilderness. Explore the beating heart of the state on a tour with specialist guide and ecotourism leader Dr Tonia Cochran with Inala Nature Tours or navigate the seas on a luxury vessel, dipping in and out of coves and hidden harbours with On Board. See more of what makes this state unique by travelling south to Hobart and explore the famed MONA Art Gallery after hours on a private tour meant to shine a light on the celebrated artists that make up the museum’s unique exhibitions. Visit Maria Island and take an award-winning hike through scenic beaches, scale majestic peaks and visit UNESCO world-heritage sites. Indulge in the iconic flavours of the region with fresh seafood, leatherwood honey or black truffles paired with a glass of wine from one of the state’s 230 vineyards. Staying at the incredible Saffire Freycinet, a coastal sanctuary set against the stunning backdrop of Wineglass Bay, indulge in fine food and farm fresh produce or venture out of the lodge to enjoy Tasmania through the eyes of specialist guides on adventures that takes in the natural wonders of the region, its unique wildlife or artisan producers.  

    11. Stay in the Oldest Rainforest on the Planet 

    Deck of a Billabong Suite with hammock and outdoor seating with fire pit

    A truly unique location where rainforest meets the sea, the Daintree Rainforest stands as the oldest living rainforest in the world, at an estimated 135 million years old. Staying under towering canopies at luxury lodge Silky Oaks Lodge, guests to the forest can embark on tours to discover the wealth of incredible and rare wildlife that make the forest their home. From cassowaries to saltwater crocodiles, alongside exceptional guides, walk through a lush landscape and discover the ancient history of the land with immersive experiences alongside Aboriginal elders, crocodile cruises and short excursions tailored to you. 

    12.  Private Visit to a Tropical Garden of Eden 

    Collection of colourful tropical fruit.

    A modern-day Garden of Eden resting on the edge of the Daintree Rainforest, the Botanical Ark houses the largest collection of tropical ethno-botanical (edible) plants found on Earth. Run by husband-wife duo Alan and Susan Carle, the passionate conservationists have spent their years researching and collecting tropical plant species from across the world to unlock the nutritional secrets of the jungle. Indulge on a private tour through this incredible sanctuary and see, smell and taste your way through all forty years of conservation. 

    13. Flinders Ranges Outback Safari 

    Arkaba Flinders Ranges 4WD Safari

    A primordial landscape where red earth meets the Milky Way, the ancient ranges of South Australia’s Flinders Ranges contain considerable beauty and fascinating First Nation and colonial histories, with a hove of treasures lying concealed in prehistoric rock formations. A journey through this fractured landscape is a must for any enthusiast of geology, palaeontology, history, or outback adventure. Venture into nature by 4WD, foot or plane, discover the history and lifestyle of the region’s pastoralists at outback stations, observe the country’s dynamic and varied wildlife in their natural habitat, and discover first-hand the magnificent complexity and beauty of the region with the assistance of your hosts. Hunt for fossils under the guide of Ross Fargher from The Prairie Hotel in Nilpena, or take part in a camel safari across the desert wilderness. Heli-swag adventures take you out into the middle of the ranges to watch the sun set over this rugged oasis, unveiling the grandeur of the Milky Way galaxy while outback stations, such as Arkaba Conservancy, provide a dash of station life as well as guided tours by experts of the ranges.  

    14. Ultimate Outback Adventure 

    Finniss River Tours Termite Mound

    A raw Australian outback experience in the heart of the Top End with Finniss River Station acting as the backdrop – a wilderness oasis embedded within nature’s diverse labyrinth of rocky escarpments, giant termite mounds and coastal flood plains bordered by the secluded beach front of the Timor Sea. Alongside a famed environmentalist and survivalist, embark on an unforgettable adventure in an uncut version of outback Australia, camping in swags (tents) before moving across the Top End to Arnhem Land and experiencing an exclusive safari camp only accessible to just a small handful of guests via permit each year. Made to challenge guests both physically and mentally, this experience isn’t for the faint-hearted. Learn survival skills developed from your guide’s numerous solo expeditions into the outback including methods for making fire, how to locate water, identify tracks, find bush tucker (native Australian food), and hunt/fish for nightly meals. Hike across the landscape, take to the water to partake in environmental protection initiatives such as catching and tagging bull sharks and test your limits amongst the rocky escarpments and rugged landscape. This experience is possibly one of the most challenging, but most rewarding in our portfolio.  

    15. Behind the Scenes in the Barossa Valley  

    Henschke Mount Edelstone Experience Sunset in Barossa

    Discover the essence of the Barossa Valley, Australia’s most famous wine region, home to more than 80 prestigious wineries and artisanal food producers, celebrated for its shiraz and cabernets. Take part in an exclusive hosted experience with two revered multi-generational wine families, as your day commences with a private charter from Adelaide Airport, offering picturesque views over the Adelaide Hills. Touch down at Hutton Vale Farm’s private airstrip, then venture to the Henschke flagship vineyards to delve into the six-generation history of this esteemed Barossa winemaking dynasty, producing premier wines for over a century. The journey continues with a visit to the acclaimed Hill of Grace vineyard and an intimate tasting in the family’s private cellar. Following this, a scenic drive leads you back to Hutton Vale Farm, a seventh-generation estate since 1843. Here, savour a farmhouse lunch, thoughtfully prepared by the Angus family, showcasing meat and produce from the farm. Enjoy Hutton Vale Wines and engaging conversations with the Angas family, offering unique insights into the region’s richness and heritage. The experience concludes with a leisurely flight back to Adelaide, a journey that beautifully captures the heart of the Barossa. 

    16. Cape York Safari  

    Aerial of the tip of Australia.

    One of the most remote pockets of Australia, Cape York is an immensely diverse region dotted with rugged national parks, pristine waterways, secluded beaches and rich Indigenous culture. Starting at the northern most point of Australia, embark on a safari encapsulating everything unique about this region. With privileged access to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture from a private island in the archipelago, to a 4WD adventure through Kutini Payamu/Iron Range National Park known for its rare flora and fauna and Gold Rush history. From exploring the Great Barrier Reef aboard luxury vessel Aroona to a helicopter safari marvelling at the incredible UNESCO World Heritage Quinkan Rock Art in Cooktown, alongside the enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides from Northwest Safaris. 

    17. The House on Lizard Island  

    Exterior aerial of the remote House at Lizard Island amongst green bushland, white sand beaches and blue ocean

    Situated on a secluded headland, this serene haven opens the door to the crystal-clear waters and colourful marine playground of the Great Barrier Reef. Embodying all things authentically Australian while offering unparalleled privacy and personalised service, The House offers barefoot adventure, a profound connection to nature, and laidback luxury at its finest. Take glass-bottomed kayaks, paddle boards or snorkel through the world’s most famous reef or relax at the house with bespoke spa treatments and relaxation practises. Interwoven with exceptional food and wine offerings and on-call servicing by a private chef, sommelier, and expert host, The House at Lizard Island offers complete seclusion and privacy, making it perfect for multi-generational travellers or special occasions that call for a truly memorable getaway. 

    18. Great Ocean Road Helicopter Tour  

    Aerial view of the Great Ocean Road with the 12 Apostles visible

    A spectacular exploration of the famed Great Ocean Road from the seat of a private helicopter, this experience reveals the gems along one of Australia’s most iconic coastal drives. Fly over the Great Ocean Road to a beach and create a unique work of sand art using bare feet inspired by the surrounding land with a local and celebrated Aboriginal artist. Drone footage is captured of this artwork, the patterns a great addition to the rugged coast. Then, embark on an Australian bush safari with a local naturalist guide of the Tower Hill National Park to spot kangaroos, emus, and koalas in the wild, concluding with a scenic drive along Shipwreck Coast to the 12 Apostles before taking flight back to Melbourne. A truly immersive and grounding experience, this tour unveils the best along a natural Australian icon.  

    19. Tasmanian Wildlife Adventure 

    Tasmanian Devil with Joey

    The raw beauty of nature intertwines with authentic Aussie camaraderie within the untouched wilderness of Tasmania with Pepperbush Adventures. A small, family run business, Pepperbush offers unique experiences visiting iconic areas such as Cradle Mountain and Freycinet National Parks as well as unique wildlife encounters, such as the revered Quoll Patrol experience, internationally acknowledged as one of Australia’s finest wildlife encounters. As nigh descends, kookaburras begin chuckling and the gentle glow of the campfire illuminates a nightly parade of nocturnal visitors to your private forest location. Settle down around the campfire for a hearty meal before embarking on private expedition to find a variety of unique wildlife, including the elusive Eastern Quoll. Each venture into the wilderness weaves a rich tapestry of experiences, offering you a chance to become a part of a larger, richer narrative. 

    20. Visit the Red Centre 

    Longitude 131, Ayers Rock Uluru Dune Pavilion Bedroom View

    Drawing inspiration from the rugged beauty of Australia’s heart, the Red Centre captures the enduring charm of the outback. This sacred core of the continent beckons those in search of a profound connection to the land, its ancient culture, and the subtle wisdom carried on the rust-red sands. Stay in esteemed luxury lodge Longitude 131 – a slice of pure comfort in the shadows of Uluru. Venture out under the sun and drive through the desert to the astonishing rock formations of Kata Tjuta. Traverse through Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park to Mutitjulu Waterhole, a semi-permanent watercourse nestled in the contours of Uluru, where you learn the Creation stories of Liru (poisonous snake) and Kuniya (python) as well as a number of other stories associated with other prominent Tjukurpa (Dreaming) stories. You’ll see the rock art of the ancients and learn how Uluru was, and still is, a significant location for teaching young Aboriginal people.  

    21. Blue Mountain Adventure  


    Guided by two-time Guiness World Record holder and Australian explorer James Castrission, jump into a high-octane outdoor adventure tailored to your own daring in the incredible Blue Mountains of New South Wales. From the thrilling descent of abseiling to tracing the rugged trails on a bush hike and abseiling down dramatic cliff faces and majestic waterfalls, each moment is a beat in your exhilarating dialogue with nature. As night descends, retreat to the warm embrace of a luxury camp amidst the serene wilderness. Here, beneath a canopy of twinkling stars, the day’s adventures morph into tales around the campfire. This isn’t just an expedition; it is your personal narrative of courage, discovery, and untamed joy, penned in the heart of Australia’s wilderness. 

    22. Swim with Whale Sharks at Ningaloo  

    Swimming with Whale Shark, Sal Salis, Ningaloo Reef

    A once-in-a-lifetime experience on Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia allows you to swim alongside the endangered and elusive whale shark as it swims through a stunning marine oasis. Known for being one of the major migratory routes for humpback whales and whale sharks, visitors to Ningaloo have the incredible opportunity from mid-March to August to swim or observe these gentle giants with the help of a professional spotter. Stay at eco-luxury accommodation Sal Salis camp and indulge in luxury under the stars and fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean. It is truly one of the most memorable and unique experiences available in the world.  

    23. R.M.Williams Private Workshop Tour 

    Go behind the scenes of the celebrated South Australian footwear brand R.M.Williams on an exclusive tour of the workshop. Discover the detailed craftmanship that each pair of RM’s leather boots receive as you see the iconic boots take shape from a single piece of leather, moving through more than 80 different pairs of hands to the finial artisan finishes that characterise this outback classic. Meet the passionate people who shape each pair of boots and see the fascinating intricacies and dedication that goes into each boot. Visit the craft and clothing sections of the workshop to see R.M.’s famous blue grazier shirt delicately sewn together, and the artisan applications applied to the creation of the leather accessories. Finish at R.M.William’s original workshop location and first retail store at Percy Street in Prospect to hear about the story of R.M.Williams and insight into South Australian pastoral history, which brings the story of the region and the workshop to life with insider knowledge from those that knew the family. Tour the onsite museum before you are fitted with your very own pair of R.M. Williams Craftsman boots that you to take home as a prized souvenir.   

    24. Visit the Rowley Shoals  

    Adventure tender vessel sailing through a channel at Western Australia’s Rowley Shoals

    A chain of protected coral atolls off the coast of Western Australia offers world class diving and snorkelling in coral gardens and shallow lagoons. A private luxury charter around this incredible marine park provides guests with the opportunity to witness diverse and exotic marine life unlike any other place on Earth. Incredibly dense coral in water with 130-foot (40 metre) visibility gives you the opportunity to spot more than 250 species of remarkable coral that spans more than 185 miles (300 kilometres) in ambient 78-degree (26-degree Celsius) water. Spend the day observing reef life in underwater adventures before venturing into an area of the park where fishing is permitted and catch your own supper with the help of a renowned fishing expert.  

    25. Super Yacht on the Shipwreck Coast 

    Sail the rugged west coast of Australia and discover 17th century nautical history and the incomparable luxury of super yacht travel. The remote mid-west-coast of Western Australia is a space of pristine waters and stunning, craggy landscapes. This region offers a rich and layered history of the local Nhanda and Malgana people, as well as those of 17th century Dutch explorers whose histories curl amongst the vibrant coral beds and currents. Traverse the remote, rugged, and raw western frontier from the comfort of your own private yacht, with days of snorkelling, diving, beachcombing, fishing, kayaking, and exploring abound. Visit coral islands steeped in maritime history, diving into crystal clear waters to swim among the reef, to the connection of two UNESCO World Heritage sites in Ningaloo Reef and Cape Rage National Park. Spot humpback whales or endangered whale sharks if the season is right to truly bookend this incredible journey. 

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